London , England

A Settings brochure

This is a setting from the book " A mad, Wicked Folly" by Sharon Biggs Waller

Victoria Darling's Testomonial

"I have been living in London all my life, and I do not think there is a better place for art subjects. I am an artist and I must say that Just walking around Hyde park you have many Options to choose from. All of the people walking by the Thames could be great for a Charcoal sketch and The large gardens could make a lovely watercolor! In my opinion There is no other place for A variety then London."

London at a glance

some more testomonials

Police Constable William Fletcher's Testomonial

As I make my daily rounds of the streets of London I can think of nothing else but my home in the English country side. I prefer the quiet streets and horse drawn wagons to the cobble stone roads and loud motor cars of the city. But what is an officer to do? I must stick with my duty's and tough it out till I am back home. I can't say I love life in the city. I would much rather be watching the peaceful town where I can just peacfully watch the farms.

Life in London Mrs.Darling's testomonial

I am positive that London is the place for me. I have a home, husband, and two kids. Nothing could be better. I love living here and I enjoy my wealth. I am a part of a charity and am in an accomplished social circle.I am confident that this is where my life is to be.

Edward Mc-humphrey's testomonial

I think London is a great place for business. I am working as an apprentice to the wealthy plumber, Mr. Darling.London is full of choices so if I lose this job then I have plenty of other options.Hopefully I don't mess this one up.London is also a great place to eat. What can I say; I was only a little woozy that night Victoria got mad at me!