Ernest Hemingway

By: Jason Noor - Biography

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. - Ernest Hemingway

Interesting Facts

  1. He met his first fiance while wounded in a hospital
  2. His first fiance left him for another man.
  3. Ernest Hemingway had an affair, with his later second wife, that resulted in his first divorce.
  4. He enjoyed big-game hunting in Africa.
  5. He often deep-sea fished off the coast of Florida.
  6. At one point in time he was a Spanish bull-fighter.
  7. Ernest Hemingway was present at D-day.
  8. He survived multiple plane crashes.
  9. He was an ambulance driver that picked up human remains in WWI.
  10. He was wounded by a mortar shell in WWI.
  11. Ernest Hemingway's mother dressed him as a girl because she wanted a daughter.
  12. During D-day he threw three hand grenades into a bunker, killing several SS officers.
  13. He had four wives.
  14. He only had children with his first two wives.
  15. His nickname was Papa.
  16. Hemingway's cats had six-toes on each foot.
  17. His son Patrick is the only son of three alive to this date.
  18. He dedicated a book for each wife during the time they were married.
  19. Key West, Florida has a look-a-like contest in honor of him every year.
  20. Ernest Hemingway wanted this epitaph on his tombstone: "Pardon me for not getting up" (it was not used).
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