Elma Middle School

Student Expectations and Schedules

Hello Eagles!

We are a few days into schooling and we've heard that we need to clarify some things around student expectations and schedules. We will attempt to do that here. As always, if you need help, please call us at 360-482-2237 or email us.

Sunshine Perry, Principal - sperry@eagles.edu

Jane Allaire, Asst. Principal - jallaire@eagles.edu

Kelly Rasanen, Counselor - krasanen@eagles.edu

Danielle Escalante, Student Support - descalante@eagles.edu

If you would like help in Spanish, please contact Danielle.

~ Google Classroom Invitations ~

Google Classrooms

If your student has not already done so, please have them check their school email. There, they will find an invitation to each of their Google Classrooms. They should have one for each class, plus one for the Counselor's classroom.

Everything they need for their classes will be in these Google Classrooms.

How is attendance taken?

For attendance purposes, students must engage with their classes each day. This may be a daily question that the teacher posts, attending a live session, turning in an assignment or other communication with the teacher. If your student is unable to engage with their classes for a school day, please contact our attendance office so that we know.

~ Lessons, Live Sessions and Assignments ~

How does all of this work?

Each class will receive recorded lessons with optional live support sessions.

Teachers will post their recorded lessons and any assignments on Google Classroom by 8 am on their instructional day. These lessons are recorded, so students may watch them at any time, or as many times, as it fits with their schedule.

Each teacher will also be available to students during live sessions. These sessions are optional and are a way for the teacher to answer any questions or provide clarification in real time. The links for these live sessions are available in Google Classroom.

Teachers will assign work on their instructional day. The assignment is then due on the next instructional day for that class. For example, ELA is on Mondays and Wednesdays. Monday's assignment will be due Wednesday. Wednesday's assignment is due the following Monday.

The schedules for each teacher's instructional day and live support sessions are attached below.

~ Grades ~

How do I check grades?

We will still be using Skyward to post grades. Grades will be updated by each Monday at 8 am. We encourage you to check Skyward regularly to see your student's progress, or if they need additional support.

~ Questions ~

Where do we go if we have questions?

Google Classrooms and live support sessions are considered the teacher's classroom, so they are designed for students. If you, as the adult supporting a student, need help with a class, you have some resources available to you, too.

You can see the most up to date resources by visiting Elma School District's website at www.eagles.edu, choosing "Our Schools," then "Elma Middle School."

Each teacher has a website, through Google Sites, that has information regarding their class. These website addresses are listed on the Support Session Schedule attached to this newsletter.

If you have other questions regarding a specific class, please email or call the teacher directly. You are also welcome to contact one of the people at the top of this newsletter. We will be happy to help, or find someone who can.