Out of my mind!

by: Sharon M Draper

Project by: Annika Olson

Sharon M Draper lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a two time Coretta Scott King Award-winning author. She has also written other books such as, Copper Sun, Just another Hero, and The battle of Jericho. Out of my mind is a Realistic Fiction book and is very interesting. Sharon M Draper was also a high school English teacher for twenty-five years.


In the book Melody Brooks is the main character along with Mrs.V, Mom, Dad, Rose, Claire, Catherine, and Mr.Dimming. It takes place at the school, and Melody's house and Mrs.Vs house. In the book Melody tells us that she has special needs and that people think of her differently just because she is in a wheelchair and can not talk. Melody loves music and words and is very smart but most people don't believe her. Then Melody meets Rose and things become easier for her, but she still has big challenges to face like all of the bully's. But then Melody gets something that changes everything for her and makes things a whole lot easier.

My Opinion!

I really like the book and I don't really have any complaints except I would like a second book because this book was so good I would like to read a second one and I would definitely read it! I would really like to see what Melody would be doing.

Out of my mind is a interesting and awesome book!!!

Guaranteed to be a good book!


This book reminded me of the book HOLES by:Louis Sachar because in the book Stanley Yelnats is getting bullied and then later on after a lot of hard work he makes a friend named Hector. This book also reminded me of a show called JESSIE because one of the characters is determined to make friends. This book also reminded me of my school Creekmoor elementary because everybody stands up for each other and we have assembly's to reward people for showing that they care.


I would recommend this book to my friend Gwen because she is always positive and looking on the bright side and I think she would like reading about Melody try to look on the bright side but, but I would also recommend this book to anyone who has a positive attitude and looks on the happy side of things.

Good Book!

I think that you should read this book because it is a really good book and you would probably enjoy it even though some parts may be a little sad. it is still a really good book and I thank Sharon M Draper for writing it although I wish there was a second one because I would definitely read it because this book is so great!

project done by: Annika Olson student of Mrs. Dodson's 4th grade class!