Term 4 - 4/5V

Term 4 already and we are up and flying with work and events. This newsletter is to touch base with you, update you on our learning, alert you of any events you may have missed and reiterate that if you have any concerns or questions, I am more than happy to assist you.

Every second Friday from 10am onward, Anthea Bartlett will be taking our class. This is part of my beginning teacher program, allowing time for me to plan, program and work with mentors. Anthea will be following our class program and working with me to complete the same content below.

Our units this term

Antarctica and Polar Boy

We will be looking at an integrated unit of work this term. The unit has been compiled in collaboration with Mrs Stone and Mrs Goulder and is being taught in both our class and 5/6. For English, we will be studying the book 'Polar Boy' by Sandy Fussell with attention to character development, relationships and cultural comparisons through the use of literary devices, imagery and plot. Chapter to chapter there will be accompanying art and science lessons. Parallel to this study will be an environmental unit on Antarctica looking at the history, geography and science developments. The Antarctica unit will involve the creation of an individual, private, website created by the students to present each unit task. This will be done using Weebly resulting in an easy to share, end of unit assessment. Students may also like to share this with you at home during or at the completion of the tasks.


Homework this term will be handed out and collected Friday to Friday and is similar to last term. Spelling tasks are free choice off a grid. Students have been told they are to complete each task on the grid in the order of their choice and date them. Once each task has been completed once, students will be able to begin the grid again.

We have one class project this term which was handed out today. It involves the investigation of explorers of Antarctica. It is due end of week 5. The following week students will be required to present a speech on their project. Please see project sheet for further information.

Coming Events

Bulli Adventure Afternoons (yr 5 only)

Wednesays 12:45pm-2pm - ask me if you are not sure which day your child is attending

Wave FM Disco

Thursday 15th October, School Cola, 5pm - 7pm

Kitchen / Garden Days

Tuesday weeks 3, 5, 9

PSSA OzTag Rounds

Friday weeks 3-6