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Strength Window frames made from standard vinyl are normally

Some Good Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of Window Frames Made From Cellular PVC

Well made, properly installed windows should normally last for many years. There will eventually come a time, however, when a home's windows will deteriorate to the point that replacement will be required.

When it comes to Window Replacement Atlanta residents have many options to choose from. Variations in materials, though, often make for the most obvious points of differentiation. Windows whose frames are made from cellular PVC are increasingly popular among homeowners and installers alike.

Cellular PVC Brings Many Window-Related Benefits to the Table

Windows with frames made of simple wood or vinyl have been widely available for many years. More and more Window Replacement projects in recent years, however, have seen products based on cellular PVC winning out over the alternatives.

Although quite similar to conventional vinyl, cellular PVC outperforms it in a variety of relevant, significant respects. By improving upon vinyl while retaining that material's advantages over wood, cellular PVC consistently proves to be the best choice for window frames of all. Some of the benefits of cellular PVC that most often appeal to homeowners include its:

Strength. Window frames made from standard vinyl are normally hollow and somewhat brittle. Although they can be strong enough for light residential use when treated with care, such frames require special precautions when it comes to installation. Cellular PVC is made from more or less the same chemical but is processed such that it has a supportive internal structure. That allows window installers to treat windows made from cellular PVC as if they were wood, which enables a number of associated benefits.

Resistance to mold, mildew, and rotting. Even when wooden window frames look attractive at first, problems will often be in the offing. The organic nature of wood makes it inherently susceptible to attack by a variety of microorganisms that enjoy feasting upon its cellulose. Just like vinyl, cellular PVC is entirely impervious to such problems. As a result, a wide variety of associated concerns can be ruled out when windows made from that material are installed.

Choosing Window Frames That Will Serve a Home Well for Many Years

Benefits such as these and others have helped make cellular PVC an increasingly popular choice for window frames in recent years. By choosing the right Window Company Atlanta residents can avail themselves of this option whenever it makes sense. When it comes to Windows Atlanta locals always have plenty of choices to make, but that regarding frame material often proves to be one of the easiest.