When the skin around a person's nail is irritated or injured


Sarah loves to get her nails done, but last week she couldn't go to her regular nail technician due to scheduling conflicts. She instead went to a nail salon that she wasn't quite familiar with their practices. Two days after getting her manicure, Sarah's finger became very sore. The next day she saw that there was a small amount of pus on the edge of her nail bed.


  • biting/pulling off a hangnail
  • frequent sucking on a finger
  • clipping a nail too short or trimming the cuticle
  • getting a manicure (chemicals in the glue for fake nails)
  • hands submerged in water often
  • certain health conditions make Paronychia more common (ex: diabetes)

Symptoms and Signs

  • area of skin around nail is painful and tender when touched
  • red and swollen and feels warm
  • pus-filled blister may occur (if abscess forms see a doctor immediately)
  • after a long period of time the nail may change color or shape or look like it is coming off of the nail bed


A doctor can diagnose it by looking at the nail or taking a pus sample to examine what germ is causing the infection.


Home Remedy (only recommended if mild)

Soak infected nail in warm water for 20 min a few times a day. If mild this should heal within a few days on its own.

Doctor's Treatment

They drain the blister and prescribe antibiotics.


It can be cured within a few days if mild; worse cases can take up to 2 weeks to heal but will after time.

Impact on Lifestyle

Long Term Effects

Paronychia can cause permanent nail damage. If Paronychia is not treated effectively, the tissue and bone of the finger can become infected.

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