What's Computing At EHMS?

Grades 6, 7, and 8 Computer Technology Classes

General Information about Computer Technology Classes

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Grade 6 Curriculum

Grade 6 students this quarter will be learning the following:

  • Students will start the quarter off learning the importance of correct keyboarding technique.
  • Next, students will learn about the history of computers, common computer terminology, and computer care and safety.
  • Students will wrap up the quarter with tutorials on Google Docs
  • Students will also use the website Code.org to learn the foundations of computer science. Students will take part in a self-directed, self-paced course during the quarter that focuses on:
Binary code
Societal impacts of computing
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Students should use the same usernames as they have in class. Most usernames are lastnamefirstname (ex. lafaillemrs) and their password is "ehms"

Click Here to go to Code.org

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

Grade 7 Curriculum

The 7th grade curriculum focuses on Information Literacy skills as well as Digital Citizenship skills. Students will work on:

  • New Internet Terminology
  • How to Search the Internet Effectively
  • How to Evaluate Websites

The second half of the quarter will be focuses on Digital Citizenship rules to follow. Students will learn about the following:

  • Password Protection
  • Email Safety
  • Copyright Rules
  • Computer Viruses and Phishing Scams
  • Cyberbullying
  • Interactions with Strangers Online

Grade 8 Curriculum

Students will practice their presentation and business skills in this project-drive computer class. Students will:

  • Create a persuasive commercial for a product they have created. They will use Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to create their commercial.
  • Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Students will run a pretend business and keep track of their business data, and create charts based on their data in Excel.