Cheerful Chipmunks

April 2016

A look back...

March was a very fun and busy month in the Chipmunk Room. We spent a lot of time with Dr. Seuss and did lots of great art and fun activities. We celebrated St. Patrick's with exploding rainbows and tricky leprechauns. For Easter, we had fun making bunnies, had an Easter egg hunt and played in an Eastery mix of fun in the sensory table. We also spent some time learning about colors and what happens when you mix them. We did some really fun experiments watching different colors mixing together! Here are some pictures of the highlights from the month.

Art outside on a beautiful Spring day!

Rainbow volcanoes for St. Patrick's Day!

Eater Bunny!

Up next...

This month we are excited to talk about Spring and all the weather we will be seeing. We will also be talking about butterflies, flowers and planting. We also have some exciting things planned to celebrate Earth Day coming up later this month!

Just a few things...

With the weather getting a little bit nicer, if you would like to take your child's snow pants and boots home, we should be warm enough. You are welcome to trade in winter boots for rubber boots if you would like and, for now, leave a set of mittens and a hat. With the weather changing so much, we have a lots runny noses and germs are everywhere. We will continue to keep our room as clean as possible and continue with lots of hand washing throughout the day. To help us, please continue to take your child's bedding home at the end of each week and encourage hand washing at home!

If you have any questions, please let us know.

~Miss Caitlin and Miss Jackie

Special Milestones Days

April 1st - Wacky Dress Up Day

April 10th - Happy Birthday Miss Jackie!

April 13th - Nerd Day

April 21st - Parent-Teacher Conferences

April 22nd- Pajama Day

April 22nd- Earth Day

April 22nd- Happy Birthday Miss Jamie

April 23rd- Happy Birthday Miss Samantha

April 26th- Neon Day