Jada Ray

Ray's Newspaper

Come To Indianapolis To See Her Speech!

She here to help everyone. She will save this country by protecting the people from danger and crisis. Do you want to wake up one morning and one side of your house is gone. You can prevent that by voting for Jada. She a strong women who speaks her mind and gets the job done.

Take Away School Lunch!

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Why Is It Important!

Jada was raised in a middle class family and know is a senior in high school. Jada never had a problem at her school until she goes to lunch. Jada wants to take a stand and get rid of the lunch that full with grain and wheat. She believes that kids her age should be able to eat burgers that don't tasted like rubber or having wheat bread as a bun. "We're teenagers! We deserve to eat what we want." When Jada become President, the Michelle Obama program will be gone. Wendy's, McDonald's, Rally and Jordan's Chicken will be place into the school for students to enjoy.