A Broken School System

The Problems with the U.S. High School Education Process


High schools are failing at effectively teaching and preparing students and are instead focused on simply passing students through the required curriculum

The grade a student receives does not accurately reflect that students understanding of the material

"Unfortunately, grades are generally an account of points earned through various activities that are influenced by artificial deadlines, grade inflation, extra credit, and subjectivity. It's time for us to change the student mind-set currently focused on reaching a particular percentage and instead empower them to take charge of their learning and measure their own success" (Kuntz)

Core classes are too heavily emphasized

Many students enter high school with a small idea of what they want to pursue for a career, and the courses offered to them are of little to no help. Even though students choose different academies, everyone ends up taking the same classes.

Students are overwhelmed by schoolwork

"More than eight in 10 students report moderate to extreme stress, according to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the American Psychological Association. And levels of teen anxiety and depression are skyrocketing. Schools must cultivate not just the students' intellect but their physical and mental well-being" (Shusterman)



Although the U.S. high school education process does have its problems, it's the engine that keeps America running. Without it our country would be weak and un-intelligent, and we would quickly lose our status as a super power.