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Media and Literacy

Whenever I have thoughts on Media, I think about the technology we have today such as Smartphones, Computers, and Television. In our current generation, most kids live with technology, and they know how to operate it better than some adults. Knowing how to use media is one thing, but it is important to have the skill of media literacy. Being Media Literate means you are able to use media as a tool and resource, and you know how to utilize and take advantage of it in the right way. Advantages would be organization and being able to manage your time with the subjects you are on. For example, most students use citations from just google, but you can access information from the school database and take notes simultaneously on easy bib. Of course, we do not know everything about how to use media, however; we can learn to use media more wisely from the classes we take. There have been many social sites such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others that influence people to join and post. These sites can be used wisely and negatively, and you can choose to waste time or use time wisely. The wiser you are with media is affected by how you analyze and evaluate information. Like reading, the more you read and understand the basis of media; the better you will be in college and in the future. In the media world there will always be distractions, so the solution would be to master the art of media literacy to survive.

Tim Tebow shows you what you can do with #nocontract |T-Mobile Commercial

T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial

T-mobile in the commercial, “Tim Tebow Shows You What You Can Do With #nocontract” (2014) asserts that “…without a contract you can tackle the unknown” and experience freedom in a carefree atmosphere. The phone provider supports their assertion by illustrating Tim Tebow’s absence in the NFL to prove that without a contract you have time for “Speeches”, “Hunting”, “Delivering babies”, and “being an astronaunt”. The commercial’s purpose is to convince phone users “to switch to T-Mobile” so that they can be released from the constraints of “limited contracts” and wield T-Mobile with a no contract policy. T-Mobile advertises in a humorous, informal tone for phone users who are tied to one phone provider and bind by a contract, and the “#nocontract” will trend on social networks thanks to NFL player Tim Tebow.

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Hallway Traffic causes Student to be Late

Amin Abraham-Quiles, Staff Reporter

PEACHTREE RIDGE HIGHSCHOOL- Young high school student, Afroman, was late to his Media literacy class after he arrived thirty minutes after the late bell, Language Arts Teacher said Monday.

During the regular transition from class to class, many students were slowly walking or stopping in the middle of the hallway. Based on security footage, students that were following behind were trying to weave around and avoid the traffic jam, but others were caught in the jam. According to the Administrators, Afroman was caught in this jam, and the person in front of him could not move at all due to large talkative group of students casually standing in the middle of the hallway. The reported high school jam lasted until the last bell rang, and many administrators had to break free the jam with traffic lights.

“We had to use green lights and red lights to direct the traffic, and rush those students to their classes. The fact that they were late to class due to this interruption really surprises, and speaks that we need to improve the hallways and make more ways to get to class faster,” The Principle Rushhour said, also adding that the responsibility of getting to class is to the individual not the person restricting their path to get there.

Kinetic Typography Music Mind

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The Weeknd - Professional (Lyrics)

"1984"-The Professional Lifestyle

The song, titled “Professional”, was created by The Weeknd from his newest album “KISSLAND”, and illustrates a horror themed aspect of R&B. All the songs including Professional were inspired by the dystopian movie “Blade Runner”, which clears the pathway to “1984” by George Orwell (also a dystopian novel). “Professional” starts out with a dark presence of musical melody that describes a dark world filled of emptiness and unbalanced power. The Weeknd begins the intro with the lyrics, “it’s ideal you need someone to tell you how to feel and you think your happiness is real, there’s so much more the world has to reveal but you choose to be concealed.” In relation to the novel, Winston goes through the process of questioning everything including the Party, and their plans of controlling thoughts, past, and the future, but he never takes a strike to action because his feelings are controlled by hate week and the fear of the thought police. Fortunatley, when he does take action to control his own feelings with love for Julia and the Brotherhood, he has a shining spirit of being professional reflecting to the hook “… I love, you love this love we’re professional.” The professional that is depicted in the song relates to the lines of a prostitute love affair that compares to Winston’s relationship with Julia. The relationship is vividly seen at the point where Winston comes to loving Julia’s constant affairs with Party Members and the joy of pleasure. The Weeknd’s song becomes the theme of “1984” because it displays the endless possibilities that you have in life that you never saw but tells the story of your faults and consumption into the dark side.

The Historic Reflection

In the beginning of the semester, I created my first Smore entry and I talked about how wise use and deep analysis of media can help you become a master of media literacy. Compared to the previous reflection, I had a decent understanding of how to approach media, but I did not know the complex process of information gathering. Like “1984”, things are not what they seem and someone could say they are not taking your information (“Facebook”), but on the inside, have so much on you and your habits. Honestly before media literacy, I had a shade of ignorance around me and did not care about wanting to know the truth behind events. However, my present mind has observed and seen the horrible lies contained in media sources. For example, the news distracts a viewer by displaying graphics, rushing stories minute by minute, and by explaining events in a biased manner. Based on the observation of the news, I am more aware of trickery and ignorance, and I learned most importantly that you should research every story you hear before you believe it. This year of language arts has made me become a better writer, listener, and analyzer due to the environment and the individuals at my work station. The biggest difference from previous language arts classes has to be the importance on media, the critical analysis and thinking of a topic or event, and the teaching style of the teacher that allows students to discuss and debate as a class or in separate groups. Compared to previous courses, the teacher has the students read passages without much discussion, and the assignments are restricted to the individual. I think the only change would be to add more assignments that require creativity like drawing and poetry to help think critically. Overall I will miss this class, my table group, and Ms. Hicks because it has left me with a great academic memory.