Badminton fitness work out

By: Autumn hellenbrand

Drills and stations

•One step jump and hit


• mat workouts

•slide shuffles

• shuffle lung and hit


How to do the activities

-One step jump, how you do the one step jump is you need to take One step and then jump and hit the shuttlecock, can help you during the game because it helps when a clear shot comes over or a high shot you can take a step and jump and hit the shuttlecock back over to the opponent.

- Ladder is when you can do four activities you can do high knees, touch foot in every square ,step in every other square, and the icky shuffle. For those activities they can help with becoming faster with your feet on the court.

- mat workout, workout is when you do 10 push-ups 10 crunches 10 bicycles and those can help with your core and your upper body strength during the game it will help with, good muscle/ arm strength hitting the shuttlecock over when hitting far.

- slide shuffles, slide shuffles can help when you put 10 cones out in the shape of a rectangle and move one to the other ,they can help move your feet fast on the court when you're moving one inside of the court to the other side of the court when trying to hit the shuttlecock back over to your opponent .

- shuffle lung and hit , is when you need to stretch out far to hit the shuttlecock back

over to your oppenet,if you could not move as fast to get to the ball to

Hit the shuttlecock back over. It helps to practice this, when you have a starting cone and shuffle to one cone and then lung and hit the shuttlecock over, the net to your opponent.

- flexability, flexibility is always great to do, in practice or before a game because, it is good to be streched,you want to be able to touch your toes and bold for ten seconds ,and stretch out your leg muscles because one shuffling/running in the game you want your muscles to be a loose so they don't tight and hurt after or the next day. You also can do arm stretching like pull your arm over to one side of your body and hole for 10 seconds and do the opposite arm .

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There Is going to be some equipment that you were going to need during these activities, for the first activity one step jumping and hit you're going to need your badminton racket and the shuttlecock, for the next activity ladder you're going to need a ladder and some good exercising shoes, so for the next activity,mat work out you're going to need a mat and for the next activity ,side shuffles you're going to need 10 cones also for the next activity,shuffle lung and hit you're going to two comes and a badminton racket and a shuttlecock, and for the last activity flexibility,you're goimg to need a mat to Be able to touch your toes unless you perfer to stand up and touch your toes.

Steps and reps

- one step jump and hit your going to do,-2 sets -3reps

-ladder,-2sets -3 Resl

-mat workout,-3- sets 10-reps

-slide shuffle 2-sets 4- reps

-shuffle lung and hit 3-sets 2-5 reps

-flexability 2-sets 4- reps