Child Labor

EQ: Is child labor ever necessary?


  • Child labor has been a commaon tread all throughout history
  • Nearly 28 million chidren around the world are forced to work
  • Children as young as 6 work hours as long as 16 hours a day
  • Most of these children are treated very poorley and do very dangerous jobs
  • Some laws were put into place, like Britain's Factiory Act of 1802, but most countires, especially India, dont listen to these laws
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The Dangers of Child Labor

  • Exposure to pestitside
  • The children have to carry heavey loads
  • Lots of injuries
Domestic Servents
  • No wages
  • Minimal food and shleter
  • At risk of asult and abuse
  • Exposes children to harmful chemicals and there are mostly bad working conditions

rug weaving:

  • The exposure to dust in the air can lead to lung damage
soccer balls:
  • all of the stiches and sewing that is put into the soccer ball causes joint problems in the kids fingers

This is a photograph of children rug weaving.

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Why the kids need and have to work

  • Some children have to work because with only their parents salery it's not enough
  • Children working brings in more money for the family

The benefit of us

  • The prduction of goods made by children actually benefits us because half the products we use are made by children
  • Without child labor we wouldn't have the things that we do

Said by a women on a migrant worker camp in California

"With just my husband's salary, it's not enough," she said in Spanish, speaking through an interpreter. "The two of them need to work in order to have anything and to keep up,"

My answer to the EQ:

I believe that child labor is never necessary because these kids are doing jobs that are putting their lives at risk when they should be in school. These children deserve to have a childhood like you and me but instead they are working long hours with little pay which is just not acceptable.


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