Electromagnets and the World Today!

Electromagnet and how they affect our world daily.

You may not know it, but they are there!

Electromagnets are everywhere! You may not know it but they are there, and I understand if you ask; "Where are they then?" and this is a really good question, as it is hard to actually find one of these little machines. So I'm going to tell you where they are.

Your Doorbell

Have you ever wondered how a doorbell works? it is actually very simple, you see, when you press that button on your door you are actually completing the circuit, sending an electrical current through the coils, powering the electromagnet(s) to attract a metal arm. However, this breaks the circuit, causing the arm to hit another metal piece once again finishing the circuit. Thi happens in a quick succession making a loud buzzing noise.
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Your Hard drive

Hard drives are small compact ways of storing a decent amount of data. This works due to how the electromagnet moves the actuator. The actuator moves on and off of the platter, storing data with a binary code. The actuator moves due to an electromagnet placed inside the hard drive casing, turning on and off when you press any button.

See more info here: http://electromagnets.weebly.com/hard-drives.html

As well as here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hard_disk_drive

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Your Speakers

A little-known fact about speakers is that they too, have electromagnets in them. The speaker works like this, under the diaphragm (the soft thing that covers the insides of the speakers) The voice coil, that sits around a central pole, is the magnetic part. this is connected the speakers power source and vibrates according to the amount of power that flows through it. Behind the voice coil, there is a magnet that is fixed in place that becomes more attracted to the voice coil when there is more power flowing through the voice coil, and vice versa. This attraction vibrates the coil wich, in turn, vibrates the diaphragm making noise.

See for more info here: http://electromagnets.weebly.com/speakers.html

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Electric trains (or Maglev trains)

The electric train is a fast and easy way to get to point a to point be in an extremely small amount of time. How they work is that they are in a basic sense, levitating. The train has it's a seprate set of oils that make the train levitate.

The train is propelled forward by an electromagnetic coil which, at first, pulls the train toward that part of the track, and then quickly switches polarity making the magnet repel the train along the track.

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Anti Shoplifting Devices

Shoplifters are everywhere in today's society, so one form of protection is to utilize electromagnetic sensor to detect items that have not been checked out. These machines work in the way where the small devices put on certain items that send a certain signal to 2 electromagnets interacting each other, this interaction is disrupted by little tags on products, which sounds off an alarm.
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Electromagnets Today!

As you can see, even though you don't know it, electromagnets are everywhere in today's world.