Health and PE Teacher

Professional Development

What's New in Cyber Bulling, Sexting, and Human Trafficking?

Participants will learn laws, consequences and curricula related to the topics of sexting, cyber bullying and human trafficking. Educators will become familiar with curriculum content, the skills taught to students and effective teaching strategies to use when instructing the students in these topic areas. Educators don't have to be experts on health topics to teach this curriculum.

Friday, Oct. 23rd, 8am-3pm

4041 East Mannsiding Road

Clare, MI

There will be a $25 registration fee that will cover the cost of lunch and materials.



8:30-10:00--Sexting Law, Consequence, and Curricula


10:15-12:15--Cyber Bullying Law, Consequence, and Curricula


12:45-2:45--Human Trafficking

2:45-3:00--Q&A, Wrap-UP

SCECH Information

SCECHS are available pending approval and will be free of charge. Participants must sign in and out in order to receive these. You must be able to provide your PIC number when completing your form.