Killer Waves

About the Tsunami

Tsunami is a series of gigantic water waves that causes a surge of water onto land. These surges can reach heights up to 38 meters. The massive height of the surges can lead to devastating effects when it crashes over land. It can occur in large lakes but mainly occurs in seas.

Tsunami waves are caused by large underwater earthquakes where there are tectonic plate boundaries. They can also be caused by volcano eruption under the ocean or lake. Even giant landslides have been known to cause large tidal waves or tsunamis in the past.

For example:

In 11 March, 2011 there was an earthquake in Japan that caused a devastating tsunami waves what maked a lot of damage to buildings and caused a 15,889 peoples death, 2,597 missing peoples and 6,125 wounded peoples.

Personal story:

The Impossible is a true story based movie about a family who travled to Thailand.

When their vacation there was an earthquake what caused a big tsunami wave and make them miss the other family members.

in the movie we see the each member trying to find the other members.

The end? Watch the movie and find out!

Raw Tsunami Video Phuket Thailand 2004

Writted by:

Ido Zacay, Gil Hasson and Idan Cohen