4th Grade Curriculum Update #5


Curriculum Updates

Please see the information below regarding the topics we are covering. We look forward to sharing updates with you throughout the school year!


Ms. Rossman, Mrs. Goldsmith and Miss Langer

ELA: Reading

Over the course Unit 3, Module A of ReadyGEN, Exploring Impact and Effect, we will read various texts that focus on natural phenomena. Students will analyze how to use both literary and informational texts to increase their understanding and form an opinion on a topic. Students recently read an informational text Earthquakes, to build background knowledge. Currently, students are reading a literary text, an excerpt from Quakes!, to compare how different authors write about similar topics. Throughout this unit, students will continue to analyze texts that focus on natural phenomena and will learn more about the effects of these events on living things and Earth's surface.


Reading Skills:

During reading, students will focus on the following reading skills:

  • Quote the text directly when making inferences
  • Use key idea and details to build understanding
  • Sequence events
  • Compare and integrate information across text

Foundational Skills:

During Word Analysis, students will focus on the following concepts:

  • Multiple Meaning Words

  • Suffixes -ian, -ist, -ism

  • Latin Roots aqua, dict

  • Prefixes im-, in-

ELA: Writing

Writing Focus:

During writing, students will focus on opinion writing. They will write introduce the topic and state their opinion, then provide reasons for their opinion and use text evidence to support them, and provide a conclusion that restates their opinion. To demonstrate their cumulative understanding, students will think analyze two of the texts they have read and state their opinion about which text more effectively portrays the impact of earthquakes on human beings.


  • Use capitalization correctly, including titles and proper nouns
  • Use linking words to connect ideas
  • Correctly punctuate dialogue
  • Differentiating between fragments and complete sentences
  • Use and order adjectives correctly

Math & Number Corner


In Unit 5, Geometry and Measurement, students will:

  • Measure angles and determine angle measurements based upon given information through the use of pattern blocks and a protractor
  • Sort and classify shapes based upon the number and kinds of sides and angles they have
  • Calculate the area and perimeter of rectangles
Please check out the Parent Letter linked here for visual examples of models your child will be using throughout this unit. In addition, your child will be bringing home a handbook in their back folder for references throughout this unit.

Number Corner:

The February Number Corner focuses largely on geometry, measurement, and fractions. Students are working to identify, draw, compare, and analyze angles. Students have also been working on writing equations for multi-step problems. In March, the majority of the lessons will focus on fractions and decimals. In addition, students will explore patterns and functions.


Students will continue to learn about the 50 states and how the U.S. is divided into 5 regions. Students will begin to learn about immigration to America through Ellis Island during the late 1800s to early 1900s. During read aloud, we will read Letters From Rivka. In addition, we will read various articles and texts to understand why people immigrated and the struggles they faced.


Second Step:

  • Lesson 9: Showing Compassion
  • Lesson 10: Introducing Emotional Management
  • Lesson 11: Managing Strong Emotions

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