Rocketry and Space

By: Jade Estrada

Aerospace Engineer Job Description

Aerospace Engineers work hard on providing air/space products. They use engineering tasks in the constructing, testing, and designing of missiles, spacecraft and aircraft. They test the adaptability of equipment and materials to aircraft manufacture and design. Also, Aerospace Engineers can propose improvements in techniques and in testing equipment.

Tasks and Duties

  • Design and plan aerospace or aeronautical work to fit the demands.
  • Coordinate/direct engineering activities such as fabricating, designing, modifying, and testing the aircrafts.
  • Organize test methods, quality standards, testing methods, and dates of completion.
  • Walk through environmental, operational, experimental, or stress tests on prototypes/models.
  • Evaluate the data from reports.
  • Conduct technical reports for later use.
  • Evaluate proposals, project requests, or engineering data to figure out the feasibility, production time, cost, and productibility.
  • Look over documents from customers and performance reports.
  • Plan activities that involve resolving and investigating the customer's reports about technical problems with the vehicles.
  • Manage records of performance reports to later look back on.

Education and Training

A bachelor's degree is needed and at least four years in the program. The Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronomical/Space Engineering program provides the chance for people to use scientific and mathematical principles in the development, operational evaluation, and the designing of missiles, aircraft, and space vehicles, and contains the procedures for guidance, control, and the launching of space and air vehicles. Also, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is ranked number one on being the top program in the country for students going into this field.


The basis salaries are one of the highest of college graduates. $79,000 is the annual average salary for an aerospace engineer. $71,000 for employees in the beginning, after 5-10 years its is $85,000, workers with 10-20 years of experience make $102,000, and finally the salary of someone with 20 or more years in this field is $128,000.
A Day in the Life of a Aerospace Engineer

A one minute a twenty-three second video.

How is the Rocketry and Space Module Station related to Aerospace Engineering?

The Module Station is taking you step by step on how to create a model rocket and videos on astronauts and NASA itself. Without Aerospace Engineers we wouldn't have space crafts, missiles, or satellites.

Extra Information

  • The Annual Average Job Openings are only 290.
  • There is only a 19,1% of females.
  • A 21.5% of Non-Whites.
  • The average time in this job is about 11 years.
  • $50.85 is the hourly wage as of 2013.
  • And the national employment as of 2012 is 83,000.