Weekly Newsletter

Friday 3rd July 2020

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This Week has been bubble-tastic!

What a difference a week makes!

I don't mind cold, wet and windy weather....but not in July! When I were a lass summer were summer and winter were summat else. Nowadays we get all four seasons in one week. At the moment we are REALLY not worried about strict school uniform - just send your child in whatever uniform fits and suits the weather forecast. We'll be strict again when all the children can return, but for now the world is different......

Did you know?

Today we should have been gunging the staff after school. In one way it would have been fun to see this happening again (!) but in another way, looking at the weather I'm quite glad it can't happen!

This gives us a whole year to plan the next one!

Year Group Bubbles

The children have settled and are working so well that I almost wish the term were a little longer.....almost.

The children in Year 6 have their heads down and are really making progress in their key skills and age related progress. The children in Y1 continue to thrive in their upstairs havens. It's so lovely to stand on the path and greet them each morning. Foundation Stage and Nursery children continue to jump enthusiastically into all the fun activities set up by the teachers as well as exploring and planning their own learning at times.

Key Worker Bubbles

The children in the four Key Worker groups are amazing. They are in unfamiliar groups and are thrown together with different teachers and yet they are relaxed and diligent and seem completely at home. All four of these bubbles are at maximum membership. The children in them can attend for as many days as you require as their places are static and can not be offered to other children. If they are not attending due to illness please let us know

Quick messages

Please don't send your child with an umbrella to school.

Please leave the site immediately when you have dropped off and picked up and help us to encourage our children by social distancing when on the Green.

Please continue to let us know if anyone in your family or friend bubble is affected by symptoms of COVID, no matter how mildly.

Please keep yourself up to date with the full list of COVID symptoms.

Next year

Thank you for not bombarding me with questions about September that I don't know the answer to yet. There's still such a lot for school leaders to think about and a lot of work to be done in preparation for the future. I can assure you that I will tell you about September as soon as I can and I know that the MAT will also be communicating with you very soon.

Have a great weekend - stay safe, alert and cautious! Thanks for all your continued support - Mrs R - Proud Headteacher

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