NEDP Daily Buzz

April 30

We've got another dreary day on our hands but we've selected some activities today that will bring a little sunshine to your house! We're starting it off with a silly, funny song and movement break. Thank you, Karen (Broadmeadow) for sharing this.
Tooty Ta | Fun Dance Song for Kids | Brain Breaks | A Tooty Ta Ta | Jack Hartmann

Andrea's Yarn Activities

Andrea (Mitchell) loves to work with yarn. Even if you don't know how to knit or crochet, there are lots of other things to do with yarn! We've also included a picture of Andrea working on knitting a blanket.
Big picture

Ashley's Stress Ball

Some may be experiencing some extra stress during these uncertain times. A stress ball could be very useful; here is a link to a great project where you can make one! NEDP students have always considered this to be one of their favorite projects.
DIY | Best Stress Ball Ever!!
Shaheen (Mitchell) has come up with a wonderful idea that will help children turn some of their despair over missing out on things into hope. When your child wishes to do something, meet someone or go somewhere, which is not possible right now, write it down on a chit and put it in a jar. Tell them this is your post COVID-19 bucket list and assure them that when this is all over you're going to do it one by one. Until then make them enjoy writing their wishes and looking at the jar fill up with the magical wishes to look forward to being fulfilled.
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