Houston Academy Library


What a quick month!

January was a quick, but busy month in the Houston Academy Library! Students spent time reviewing which Bluebonnet Books we read so far this year and getting ready to vote. I was pleased to see that almost every student at Houston Academy had read the requisite five books needed to vote. The three who weren't ready read the last book they needed very quickly!

Thank you so much to the ELA teachers who made sure their students were eligible to vote this year! It made everything so much easier.

An additional thank you to all of the Social Studies teachers who helped out by allowing the students to vote when they came to the library in their classes!

I appreciate everyone's hard work!

The School Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee was held on January 14, 2014 in the library. All of the students did a fabulous job, and Daphne Lopez emerged as the winner spelling the word propulsion correctly. Stephanie Aguilar was our wonderful runner up, and gave Daphne a real run for her money. Daphne will represent Houston Academy at the Aldine ISD District Spelling Bee on February 12, 2014 at M.O. Campbell.

Can I persuade you to vote for...

Check out these great posters made by Mrs. Menard's students in an attempt to persuade students to vote for their favorite Bluebonnet Title! Great Work Guys!

But wait, who won the Bluebonnet Award?

Darn it! We don't know yet! Because of all the school closings because of bad weather, voting was extended until February 7th. I'll let you know as soon as I do!

Research Corner

Ms. Fleming's drama classes have begun researching for their Black History Month monologues. Each student researches a prominent member of the African American community past or present and writes a monologue about their life to perform in class. I can't wait to see the final results!

Congratulations to our History Fair Winners!

Individual Exhibit:

1st Place: Patrick Chizer – President of the United States

2nd Place: Quierra Dillworth – Stand Up…

3rd Place: India Winston – The Impact of Child Labor

They will be moving on to district competition on January 25, 2014. Great work guys!

Group Exhibit:

1st Place: Emani Harden, Xady Guerro – Animal Abuse

2nd Place: Victoria Irigoyen, Stephanie Rodriguez - Child Labor


1st Place: Julia Menjivar, Madalynn Ramierez, Alexy Quiroga, and Damaris Salazar – The Rights and Responsibilities of Romana Acosta Banuelos

2nd Place: Oscar Villagran, Emilio Arguello, Yassar Ellis and Madalynn Davila – The Holocaust


1st Place: Jordan Smith – The Holocaust and Human Rights

2nd Place: Alexis Stewart- The Children’s Bureau

3rd Place: Savannah Tey – Miranda Vs. Arizona