The Academically Gifted Gazette

Murphey Traditional Academy

Volume 2, Issue 3

Spring 2020

Spring Has Sprung

Hope the colorful renewal finds your family well.

~Mrs. Green

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10th: 3rd Grade Field Trip

14th: PTA Valentine's Day Sweetheart Dance

15th: Community Scrabble Tournament; GPL Black History Celebration

17th: President's Day, Teacher Workday

18th: Magnet Open House

20th: TAG Meeting

24th: Interim Reports


3rd: Tied Up Tuesday; Leadership Meeting

4th: GCS Elementary Battle of the Books Competition

5th: Mrs. Green at NCAGT Conference (Ms. Kaufman sub)

7th: Dr. Suess Birthday Celebration

14th: Pi Day

16th: All-County Chorus begins

17th: St. Patrick's Day

19th: TAG Meeting

23rd: Interim Assessment Week

26th: Quarter 3 Ends

27th: Teacher Workday

28th: GPL Lego Club


1st: Report Cards

2nd: 3rd Grade Field Trip

3rd: First Friday

6th: Spring Break begins

12th: Easter

13th: Teacher Workday

14th: Tied Up Tuesday

15th: Tax Day

16th: TAG Meeting

18th: Reading Festival

20th: Book Fair begins

29th: 2nd Grade Field Trip

Patriot Pride

Battle of the Books Team

Aliya Leasiolagi

Jayla Lowe

Demetrius Konsa

Kamryn Davis

Brandy Bunn

Calvin Williams

Braelyn Cook

Serena Haak

Genesis Moreno-Perdomo

Dulce Lucas-Lopez

Science Fair Winners

David Bediako

Andrew Wallace

Kalee Gorham

Zayden Carter

Camasia Courtney

Pictured Below: Jayden Moore well represented Murphey at the GCS Spelling Bee at Penn Griffin High School.

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TAG Time!

The Team for the Academically Gifted recently used all available data to identify and welcome a new class of AIG third graders. Service begins immediately.

Who Said It?

Simply guess who said the following quote and click on the link below to check yourself!

Habit of Mind: Applying past knowledge to new situations

"I'm reflective only in the sense that I learn to move forward. I reflect with a purpose."

From the GCS AG Department

Guilford PAGE:

Advocates Needed! What’s an advocate you ask? An advocate is a person who publicly supports a particular cause. For years, the dedicated board members of the Guilford County Partners for the Advancement of Gifted Education (PAGE) have been champions in bringing the academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted students in Guilford County Schools to the forefront. Over the years, the students served in Guilford County Schools’ academically gifted program have benefited from initiatives implemented by Guilford PAGE, such as: parent webinars; seminar presentations; access to online resources; and transportation grants for the Academic All-Star Camp field trips.

The AG Department of Guilford County Schools recognizes the impact Guilford PAGE has had in assisting the district with the implementation of an AIG Plan that aims to address the needs of academically gifted students in grades K – 12. The department depends on Guilford PAGE to be a consistent voice within the community as it relates to the implementation of effective programming for gifted students. Although many of you support Guilford PAGE through membership, we are asking each of you to consider serving as a board member. All students served in the AG program have benefited from the efforts of Guilford PAGE. We must continue to have dedicated advocates who are willing to help others develop a better awareness of the academic, social, and emotional needs of gifted students. Please consider serving on the Guilford PAGE board. For more information, please contact the current Guilford PAGE President, Katherine Humphreys at

Duke TIP:

In October, elementary and middle schools sent notification to families of students eligible to enroll in the Duke TIP program (achievement score at or above the 95th%ile for the 2018 – 2019 school year). Although we had more students eligible to enroll in the program when compared to previous years; we have recently been informed that enrollment for Guilford County Schools is down. It’s not to late to enroll your child into the Duke TIP program. Registration, for eligible students, may be completed online at the links listed below. Fee waivers are available for qualifying students. Questions about fee waivers and program specifics should be directed to Duke TIP.

· 7th Grade Talent Search – August 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020

Students who want to engage in summer programs will need to take the ACT or SAT in February or early March in order to have the scores to qualify.

· 4th – 6th Grade Talent Search – October 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020

CRISIS for 5th and 6th graders will open soon and the campuses fill fast. Students will need to be enrolled in order to register.

Pictured Above: Mrs. Green had the pleasure of learning about ecosystems from these terrific fifth graders during their showcase event!

Caesar's Corner

Latin Hall of Fame

Demetrius Konsa

Danny Nguyen

Aliya Leasiolagi

Study Tip

Students have learned all of this year's stems and have launched into the world of vocabulary terms to be mastered through the end of the year. Check out Quizlet for practice and review. You may need to search "Caesar's English 1-10" or "Caesar's English book 1" and check to be sure the list you choose matches our terms for the semester. No login is required. Remember, the final will be cumulative so keep reviewing those terms! It is helpful to look at a few every night during homework time

Tech Times

Sumdog's mathematics contest for Guilford County schools starts Friday, February 7th. Students can play from home or in school, and it only takes about an hour in total to get a good score, which you can follow on the live leaderboard. The winning class will receive a 6 months mathematics subscription, including extra games and our premium teacher tools! Visit the Sumdog site, to join in the fun!

2nd Grade Talent Development

Second grade thinking class has changed to a small group format for the remainder of the year. Flexible groups will continue lessons based on the data collected by teachers in the whole group during first semester.

Pictured Left: Tera enjoys using detective thinking to solve grid puzzles in a recent lesson.

Maximizing Academic Potential

MAP students continue to exercise their aptitude and learning habits for success in the classroom and beyond! The MAP schedule has changed for semester 2 as follows:

Fourth/Fifth MAP - Thursdays at 1:45pm

Pictured Below: MAP students use math skills to play a game of strategy.

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3rd Grade

AG screening has concluded and all parents of children being screened should have been notified at this time. Every child has an opportunity to be rescreened for AG with a qualifying EOG score at the end of the year.

Explaining the Unexplainable

This semester in ELA, students will explore the concept of truth through the colorful characters of Greek mythology. Students will strengthen their ability to: refer to details when explaining text; determine two main ideas; describe a character's thoughts, words, or actions; determine the meaning of words/phrases; produce clear and coherent writing; use punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and language conventions; and participate in collaborative discussions. This class will meet on Thursday afternoons.

Algebra Into the Unknown

Using pattern blocks, coins, dominoes and more, students will explore the balanced equation via an undersea adventure. The class will travel through level 1 (Aquatic Equations) and we hope to complete level 2 (Variable Voyage) by the end of the quarter. In a few weeks, ask your child how many seashells they have earned for their team so far and you are likely to get a grin in return. 3rd grade AG math will meet on Thursday mornings so don't be late for school!

4th/5th Grade

The Power of Literate People

Students will explore the issue of illiteracy as they research and apply strategies/skills to evaluate the issue and develop solutions that will lead to an action plan and project. The focus of the unit will be on developing research, writing, speaking, listening, and planning skills to help students examine key issues regarding the public concern of Literacy through informational and literary texts and through analyzing community needs related to Literacy. Students will have opportunities to make choices about the direction of the research and action with an emphasis on opportunities to learn to read and to have access to reading materials for the individuals who reside in our community and participate in our schools. However, exploring the issue beyond the boundaries of the school, community and nation will allow students to realize the scope of the issue. By creating oral, written, visual texts, or digital reports, students will undertake an action project that will speak to the needs and concerns of Literacy in their world.


These mathematicians will be busy applying their new geometry skills through constructive challenges in this unit. They are collecting geometry products as a means to creating an art portfolio to be shared with you at the end of the quarter. Think Piet Mondrian or Frank Stella.

Pictured Below: 4th/5th grade AG math students held their first annual Math Exhibition where they taught fellow students and staff members how to think about math visually. A special thanks to the parents who were able to attend!

AG Classroom Needs

-snack size and quart size Ziploc bags