Trojan Report

August 17th, 2020

August 17th Updates

Hello North Crawford Middle and High School Parents,

I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable summer with your family and you're gearing up for a new school year. I wanted to send an update on things to come over the next couple of weeks. This is a school year like no other that we have experienced in our lifetime. Our aim when planning over the summer was to organize our school year in a way which allows us to put in safety measures to mitigate the risk of COVID while still providing our students with a quality education. We believe that although this year will be unique in its design, we will still be able to help our students grow and engage with our curriculum at a high level. Below you will find a calendar of events for the next 3 weeks to give you an idea of what to expect moving forward.


We will not be having a traditional open house for middle and high school students this year. We will have information coming from each staff member in regards to their classes and a little information about themselves. This information will be made available to families by Wednesday, August 26th. I will also be providing a video for families, demonstrating some of the protocols that we have in place this year to give you a better understanding about how the day to day process will look during the upcoming school year.


Registration will be happening online this year. We have provided instructions via our newsletter that went out last week. I have included the instructions at the bottom of this newsletter.


We have completed the majority of our high school scheduling for the year, except for our virtual students which will be happening in the near future. Middle school and high school students will be able to find their schedule in Skyward the week of August 24th. We will notify families when they are available. We will also be providing students with a paper copy on the first day of school.


There will be a virtual 6th grade orientation video presented to families on Monday, August 24th. We will send out the video link for that event on Monday so families can familiarize themselves with how the middle school operates and some helpful hints for students to be successful moving into middle school.


We will be scheduling our full virtual students over the next week, information will be provided this week in regards to when that registration will take place. I have provided below some initial information about the courses that are offered through APEX.


I will be holding a virtual Q&A on Thursday, August 27th from 6:00-7:00. I wanted to provide an opportunity for families to reach out with additional questions that they have during a virtual meeting. Please feel free to contact me directly still with any specific questions you have. Here is the link to that meeting.


6th, 7th, 9th and 10th graders first day of school is Tuesday, September 1st.

8th, 11th and 12th graders first day of school is Thursday, September 3rd.

Calendar of Events

Week of August 17th Full virtual students will be contacted for scheduling

Week of August 24th Schedules will be available for viewing through Skyward

Monday, August 24th 6th Grade Orientation Video

Wednesday, August 26th Staff document available with information from each teacher

Wednesday, August 26th Procedure video will be available for families to view

Thursday, August 27th Zoom Q&A meeting for parents with questions

Tuesday, September 1st First day of school for 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th grade

Thursday, September 3rd First day of school for 8th, 11th and 12th grade