Print Making Project

creating a self portrait print to stamp down

Step One; Choosing a Image and Initial Tracing

This was the beginning of our print making process. First we had to choose an image that was large enough to be able to easily carve later on, preferably an image of you or of you and a friend. Then using tracing paper, transfer the image to an A4 piece of paper. Even though it was simple, I soon realized how neatly and efficiently you did majorly effected how well the rest of the steps went.

Step Two; Shading In + Finalizing

In step two we begin to shade in the areas we are not going to carve, and finalize a tracing to then plant onto my my rubber template. This part decided how our final print would look since it determined what parts of the image would be carved.

Final Image...


When carving it was important for us to be able to stay on task because we had a whole page to carve, and had to do it pretty deep for the print to come out good. Using tools that could harm someone we had to be careful and use our critical thinking in which areas are best to cut off, and which detail is to difficult to carve.

PRINTING: when complete it was easy to finally take ink and carefully place our template onto various surfaces. :)

Hajira's Art Project