Help the Environment!

All the cool cats are!

It's so cool! Even celebrities are doing it.

Celebrities such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Frank Ocean, and others save the planet! If they can help the environment, then you should too!

Polluting is for Dummies!

Are you that stupid to realize that polluting will affect the air we breathe and the water we drink? Be a good boy and STOP POLLUTING!

Ways to Take Care of Earth!

1. Recycle, reuse, and reduce!- This is something easy. Recycle plastic bottles and paper, reduce the amount of water you use, and instead of plastic bags, try a reusable bag!

2. Stop littering!- Littering=polluting. Polluting=Dummies. Don't be a dummy.

3. Turn off your computers and TV!- This sounds so easy yet some people still leave their electronics on at night. Don't waste electricity and turn it off!

4. Unplug appliances or chargers that you don't need to use!

5. Take shorter showers!

6. Carpool to school or to the store!- Unless you don't have any friends...

7. Use rechargeable batteries!- Most batteries are not recycled.

8. Tell your friends and peers! Spread the word to save the environment!