Rebecca Denenberg P.8


Indirect- I know that Charlie is dumb, because he spells many of his words wrong. He also uses incorrect grammar. (pg.347)

Direct- Charlie writes that he is 37 years old. (pg.347, line 10)


Indirect- Charlie gets drunk because it says that he drinks and then feels sick later. (pg.356 & pg.357)

Direct- Charlie takes a test. In the book Charlie writes, "I had a test today". (pg.348)


Indirect- Charlie says "Of course I remember". He is frustrated. (pg.362)

Direct- Charlie writes "I'm ashamed". (pg.360)


Indirect- Charlie has a crush on Miss Kinnian. (pg.364 & pg.365)

Direct- Charlie loves Miss. Kinnian. (pg.365)

Relationships with others

Indirect- Charlie says " Miss Kinnian teaches me". Miss Kinnian is his teacher. (pg.358)

Direct- Charlie writes, "My best friends are Joe Carp and Frank Reilly". (pg.356)