Gilmer High School

Monday, September 28, 2015

Teachin' - Raging Idiots w Jake Owen


We will utilize the plickers system to review Making Thinking Visible Routines.

I will use the thinking routine selected in my classroom and present a 5 minute summary of the effectiveness of routine in my classroom at a core teacher meeting.

Brian Bowman

PDAS Calendar/Walk thru Philosophy

Expectations for duty stations, passing periods

TELPAS- Anjohnna Canady

Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System

Making Thinking Visible Routines

Routines for Introducing & Exploring Ideas

1. Think-Puzzle-Explore

2. Chalk Talk

3. The Explanation Game

4, Compass Points

Routines for Synthesizing & Organizing Ideas

1. Headlines

2. I Use to Think…Now I Think…

3, Connect ,Explore,Extend

Routines for Digging Deeper

1. What Makes You Say That?

2. Sentence,Phrase,Word

3. Tug of War

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