MGM 6th Grade Gator News

May 4, 2015


Read below for house news, upcoming assessments, and highlights!

News & Updates

Power of One--Donate a Toothbrush!

We are collecting toothbrushes through Crew to donate to Donate a Toothbrush! The purpose of our Power of One donation drive is to help students see that if we all give just a little, we can have a huge impact. If every student donates ONE toothbrush, we will have close to 1,000 to donate to an organization that is making a global impact. Send in one (or more) toothbrush/es with your gator to support our cause. Students can turn toothbrushes in to their Crew leader. Crews will earn 1 point for every toothbrush which will impact their score at Crew Cup in just a few weeks!

Need Summer Camp Ideas?

Here is the summer camp guide for the Columbia area published by Free Times. There are lots of fun options that your children may be interested in. Click here.

Upcoming Assessments

Accelerated ELA: Reflective Narrative Redo--due Wednesday, 5/6

Grade Level ELA: Reflective Narrative Redo--due Wednesday, 5/6

Accelerated Math: Quiz (Lessons 13.3 and 13.4) Monday, May 4,2015

Grade Level Math: Quiz (Lessons 13.3 and 13.4) Monday, May 4,2015

Science: Science will be working on their toy projects in class.

Social Studies: Study notes. Test next week.

World Language French Immersion: None

World Language Novice B1: None

World Language Novice B2: None

World Language Novice B3: None

World Language Novice C1: None

World Language Novice C2: None

World Language Novice C3 Spanish: None

World Language Latin Novice A: None

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!