Poppy: A Writer

Me... I guess

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I'm a writer who...

Is confident and likes writing about things that do not happen to me. I do not like revising

A memorable experience

When I had to write a personal narrative in fourth grade and my teacher corrected every single thing I did. I was really upset because I was trying as hard as I could and It was still not good enough. I had to start over a few times. But, it ended out being okay in the end! I had a lot of things like this happen because

6th grade goal

I would like to write more of what I see. I want to not write as much random things and actually focus on one idea. I would also like to finish the story I am writing now. When I start a story I do not just want to abandon it and start a completely new one.

About Me

I love horseback riding, dancing, and playing on my computer. My favorite color is purple. I cannot wait to write more because I like writing without a theme.