Tai Woo Ltd Group Review

Tai Woo Ltd Group Review An Australian cuisine with a lively Asian influenced restaurant

I like the fact that the Boiler house was created with a lively Asian influenced restaurant and noodle bar, using steam as a motif to reflect the significant linkages to the former industrial history of the building, maintaining an appreciation of the extensive heritage values of the site. I am Asian and that makes me proud, and that is one of the reasons why I love the Boilerhouse.

This place is simply amazing; their Australian cuisine is beyond compare. Still not convinced yet? How about reading from some reviews of the people who experienced to dine in the restaurant?

"Good food, good service, and a very convenient location at the Parramatta campus of the University of Western Sydney. Excellent for a business lunch at UWS, but also good for entertaining friends and family." –Anonymous

"The food and service were great! The menu has a lot of choice, and is kept to an oversee-able size, which is perfect for a business lunch. The heritage building makes it a unique place." –Anonymous

"The service and food are good, the venue is interesting and unusual, and the location is perfect for a business lunch at the UWS Parramatta Campus. The restaurant also worked well for a small family lunch. Well done uwsconnect on a very worthwhile addition to campus life." –Anonymous

"The food is really great: fine, tasty, healthy. The service is good (not pushy like some restaurants serving high-quality food can have)." – Patrice Castignolles

"Food was very tasty and generous. All staff were friendly and helpful but seemed to lack basic table serving skills - i.e. they were reaching in front of one guest to serve another." – Lise

So I guess these should be enough to prove how spectacular this place called the Boilerhouse is me, I could just simply enjoy the food and the ambiance, and I will not talk because my mouth is full!