December 9-11 / 12-14 , 2014 - Lisa Klakulak

After her succesfull tour in 2013 in Germany and the Netherlands Lisa Klakulak (USA) is happy to return to atelier Fiberfusing in the Netherlands this winter for 2 special masterclasses.

Level of felt-experience: intermediate

- December 9-11, 2014 Resist-Based Pendants

- December 12-14, 2014 Sculpting Hollow Form

Resist-Based Pendants

Resist-Based Pendants: Hollow Forms, Dimensional Surfaces and Object Entrapment will be about exploring multiple three-dimensional techniques for small-scale object development by way of employing resists to keep specified areas from felting together. Study how the relationship of the weight of wool fibers to the area of layout determines the size of hollow forms and the quality of the felt. Design unique hollow form pendants by modifying resist shapes, overlapping partial felts and resists on the surface to create protuberating surface planes and using resists for bails (hanging devices). Entrap durable found objects in a high shrinkage felt skin that is completely fulled and snug against the object by using both temporary and permanent resists and then cut away specific areas of felt to reveal the object’s color and texture.

Many people know how to wrap and object but it is crucial to do some calculating so the felt can shrink completely so it won't pill and fit exactly!

Sculpting Hollow Form

Sculpting Hollow Form: Application of Partial Felt Density will be about the use of differential shrinkage based on the placement of partial felts on a 2-D resist layout. Participants will explore the sculptural possibilities of partial felts on flat resists of varying size.

Participants will make partially felted sheets of fiber in varying thicknesses and states of structural integrity to apply as distinct shapes in their layout, learn to control the forming through circumferential fulling and how to size a perfectly fitting lid for their vessel. Proper fulling and the thickness of the vessel’s wall in relationship to its volume will determine the forms integrity as well as structural stitching and stiffening.


disclamer : Images demonstrate the use of techniques to be learned during the workshop, but are not exemplary of products that will be completed by participants

All workshops are being teached in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, warm dishes, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses.

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