Is that a Tail in my Meat?!

The terrifying truth of the meat factories.

Your "meat"

Many people have heard the tragedies that occur inside these terrible conditioned factories. To be true, they were all more serious than everyone ever imagined. Think of all the most disgusting things you could possibly think of! Now just imagine that, that’s what in your meat. You’re grossed out? Well that’s exactly what you’re eating. Don’t worry! Workers wash them down with their saliva! In these factories, men work for hours on end. They don't even wash their hands!. These men are sweating, bleeding, and spreading diseases straight into that hamburger you’re about to devour. Is it worth it? Think of all the rat dung, and rat parts that are chopped up and thrown into your “meat”. The factories are positively filthy. Here and there, are piles of dust and rat dung. A man will slip and fall because of the spit and fat that overwhelm's the floor. There's plenty we can do to stop this unjust care of our food! All you have to do is stand up to them. Up to those nasty people who think we can fall for that trap. Why would you let them poison your food, when you can change that. It's as easy as snapping your fingers. Don't buy their poisoned food. It's only that! You can help the protest. I thank each and everyone of you who will come to support me, you, and your family. This is for the good of each and everyone of us! In the barns and living areas, of the cows, chickens, and pigs are put together like puzzle pieces in enclosed pens. They are living in their own feces. They are fed the body parts, that do not packaged, of their brothers and sisters. Those animals are living, but they aren't really living. They aren't fed real food. Because of this, even without these factories, they still are unsanitary. We need these factories to be revealed.

Flash Forward to the Future


Everywhere we have seen how the government is scraping our money right out from underneath us. But using unhealthy foods to take more, is unacceptable. Alright, you've hopped into your time machine. We are about to take off. All these shiny buttons are so amazing! Now, think of all the terrrible things they do to our meat in the 1900's. How can you even call it meat? Brace yourselves. This ride is going to be bumpy!

Alright you can breath again, because we are now in the 2012's. I know it's very different from what we are used to. Take a deep breath. Pollution. Not much of a change though! Don't worry, no one can see us. There, across the street, is a meat factory. Because of us, muckrakers, we uncover the terrors of these factories and improve them. As we walk across the street, think back to all the rats and rat dung that ran around in the factory. Now, open the stainless steel doors to this mighty fine establishment. Lab coats. That's what it looks like! There are white coats and yellow gloves and helmets on every man's body. They look as if they were playing dress up. Everything is completely sterilized. No man comes in, or out, that is not 100% clean. Clean is a necessity now.

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