Flight Attendant

By Margarita Brady

Description of Career

As a flight attendant, you travel on a plane multiple times a day. You visit many different places with this job. Before the the plane takes off, you assist passengers in boarding the plane, and you make sure they are all in the right place. You help them with their safety, and when they need something, you give it to them. During the flight, attendants hand out food and beverages. Flight attendants announce how long until the travelers reach their destination and the height of the plane. Finally, flight attendants watch the passengers whilte they're on board.

Travel, Dangers, and Advantages

Travel: If you're a flight attendant, you obviously travel a lot. You may not actually go to the town, city, or country the passengers are visiting, but you're in the air for most of your job.

Dangers: The job of a flight attendant has many dangers. The plane crashing, a terrorist attack, and something going wrong with the engine are possibilities. A lot of things can happen, but there are first-aid kits, life vests, and more aboard the plane.

Advantages:There are many advantages to being a flight attendant. Some of these advantages are meeting new people, exploring new places, and free flights!


To be a flight attendant, you would need a high school diploma and a degree in Travel and Tourism. Two universities to go to for flight attendant training include The University of Phoenix and the Penn Foster Career School.


The average salary for a flight attendant is $40,000 per year.