Mayfield High School Weekly Update

February 10, 2023

Cal's Crew Cut-A-Thon

This past Saturday, a fundraiser was organized by local Mayfield Families to support one of our 8th-grade students battling brain cancer. Hairstylists from around the area gathered in the Middle School gym where they cut hair for donations. 100% of the proceeds went directly to Cal's family to help support their needs during this difficult time. As one parent stated, this was "a beautiful display of love in our district and community." Thank you to everyone who attended this event and to everyone who continues to pray for and support Cal.
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Students Volunteer at Millridge

On the evening of Thursday, February 9th, twenty of our students involved with Interact Club, National Honor Society, and Service Learning, created and played games with students in grades 1-4 at Millridge Elementary School. This is another example of community pride and family. Thank you to the Millridge leadership for allowing our students the opportunity to get involved.
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Scheduling (2023-2024)

Scheduling for the 2023-2024 school year is upon us! Students in grades 9-11 received a recorded schedule presentation this week from their school counselor. The Academic Planner is now open for all students to begin selecting courses. Students will have two weeks to select primary and alternative courses. The academic planner will be turned off on February 13th at 3:00 PM. Click on this link to see a copy of this year's course catalog. See Mr. Coury or your school counselor with any scheduling questions.

9th-grade course selection guide

10th-grade course selection guide

11th-grade course selection guide

12th-grade course selection guide

New Courses

Next school year, we will be offering the following new courses:

Broadcast Journalism

Multi-Media and 3D Design

Forensic and Medical Investigation (Honors option available)

Introduction to CAD Engineering Design (Honors option available)

Robotic Explorations (Honors option available)

Honors Capstone (12th grade Option)

Communications Waiver - Specific courses and extracurricular activities will satisfy the communications requirement.

Wildcat Immersion (Honors Credit Available)

Class Topic: Wellness Inquiry, Practices, and Research

In this course, students will seek to investigate the question: How can we create a positive impact on community and personal wellness? Students will be provided opportunities to engage in hands-on wellness activities (fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, health), interviews with professionals in related fields, and investigative research. Topics explored include physical, mental, social, environmental, financial, and occupational wellness. Students will collaborate in groups to choose one particular issue or topic from a survey of issues and apply problem-based learning processes to investigate, research, and analyze the issue selected to formulate solutions that will work towards the progress of this goal. This investigation will involve continued opportunities with organizations throughout the community. The course will conclude with the opportunity to present findings or create opportunities for our Mayfield community.

Class Topic: Exploring Business

This project-based learning (PBL) course in business is designed to provide Mayfield High School students with a comprehensive and engaging introduction to the world of business. Students will work in teams to complete a series of challenging projects that apply business concepts and theories to real-world scenarios. Throughout the course, students will develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills while also gaining a deeper understanding of topics such as marketing, finance, and operations. The course may also include guest speakers from the business community, as well as opportunities for students to network and make industry connections. By the end of the course, students will have a portfolio of work that showcases their understanding and skills in business, preparing them for future academic and career pursuits.

Class Topic: Using Your Voice For Change

Course Description: In this class, students will investigate issues in our community (MHS, Mayfield Community, Cuyahoga County, and Northeast Ohio), as we imagine new possibilities for engaging with stakeholders using purposeful language. Students will learn about their voice and have opportunities to share it with others about the pressing issues of our day. We will explore ways others have advocated for change through an investigation of a variety of media including articles, speeches, plays, poetry, and art. As they participate in a sustained inquiry on matters about which they are passionate, students will research and design effective ways to advocate for change. At the conclusion of the course, groups will create a presentation that will present their findings and analysis to spread awareness to our Mayfield community.

Class Topic: Global Citizenship through Service Learning

Course Description: Students will employ service learning to explore the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, discovering how these goals apply to issues throughout our world, particularly in our local communities. Explorations will occur through experiential learning in the form of service opportunities during which students will actively engage in working towards these global goals while forming personal connections with community members affected by these issues. Case studies will also be used in combination with personal and group reflection to empower students to see how they can actively participate in ways to better our world. Students will apply problem-based learning processes to investigate, research, and analyze a particular issue or topic pertaining to these global goals. This investigation will also involve focused service opportunities. At the conclusion of the course, students will design a presentation that will share their findings with our Mayfield community and advocate for their targeted global goal.

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School Day SAT - Wednesday, March 1st

On Wednesday, March 1st, juniors will be provided the opportunity by the state of Ohio to take the SAT at Mayfield High School for free. Juniors are not mandated to take the standardized assessment, but we highly encourage our students to participate. The test will take place from 7:45 AM - 1:00 PM.

Juniors will be the only students reporting to school on March 1st. Freshmen and Sophomores will be provided End of Course test preparation material to complete at home. Additionally, seniors are asked to complete their scholarship applications and any other college and career information needed to help make their transition smooth upon graduation.

If you have any questions regarding the SAT, please contact Mrs. Bourdakos-Yost ( or Mr. Michael Coury (

ZAPS ACT Test Prep Seminar

ZAPS will be at Mayfield High School to provide ACT Test Prep for any student interested. The seminar will take place on Friday, March 3rd from 8 AM - 2:00 PM. If you are interested sign up using the information below.
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Career, Military, and Trade Fair

On Wednesday, March 15th during 1st and 2nd periods, any 11th and 12th-grade students interested in learning more about potential career, military, or trade opportunities may attend our 2nd annual MHS Career, Military, and Trade Fair.

Our counseling office will provide more information in the next few weeks.

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Local Scholarships

Local Scholarship Applications are now available on our Mayfield website. Be sure to check out all of the scholarships available by clicking on the link below:

We encourage ALL seniors to check out these scholarships and apply to as many as possible.

Follow all directions.

·Some scholarships need to be submitted in hard copy to Mrs. Valentino in the Athletic office, and others are sent via email-- this is clearly stated.

  • The deadline to submit is February 22nd at 3pm--unless otherwise stated

  • Use the Local Scholarship application available to you and if you need to submit the scholarship in hard copy (to Mrs. Valentino), simply populate the doc, save to your desktop, and print. If you need to submit it electronically, email an attachment to the email provided.

  • Some scholarships use their own application, this is clearly stated.

  • You MUST include a copy of your mid-year transcript for all applications

Some donors also want an attendance summary, and if they require this, we will send it separately.

  • Finally, be sure to check the scholarship link often. We continue to receive scholarships and when we do, we will update the post.
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AP Research Opt-Out Form

Opt-Out Form

This is an opt-out form for research participation for several Advanced Placement Research students’ projects. It contains important information about what to expect if you decide to allow your child to participate. Your child’s participation is voluntary. Please consider the information carefully. Feel free to ask questions before making your decision about whether or not your child can participate. If you decide that your child is not allowed to participate, you will be asked to sign this form and will receive a copy of the form.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Michael Coury or Mrs. Lacy Long-Goldberg

Mayfield High School Pay It Forward Room

Many of you have heard about our Pay It Forward Room at Mayfield High School. With the collaboration of our students, staff, and community members, items have been collected to help support our Mayfield Families. We have food, seasonal clothing, hygiene products, diapers, and shoes organized to give to any family in need. If you are interested in any of these items (free of charge), please contact 440-995-6810.

If you would like to learn more about it, please click on one of the links below:

Newsnet 5

Fox 8


Senior Talent Show

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Seniors: PTSO scholarship money is awarded to members of the Mayfield High School PTSO. The $20 Family Membership must be received by February 22nd to qualify. Follow this link to become a member.

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2nd Annual Rainbow Run

Mayfield High School's Student Council will be holding their 2nd annual Rainbow Run Saturday, June 10th at Highland Heights Community Park. All proceeds will go directly to Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital.

Please support this initiative by either participating in the event or by becoming a sponsor.

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Win a new Samsung 65” television, just in time for Super Bowl LVII! Click the flier below, or follow this link, to purchase tickets.

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Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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2022-2023 Yearbook

Place your order now for the 2022-2023 MHS Yearbook!

The 2022-2023 Yearbook is currently available for purchase. The sooner you place your order, the lower the cost.

August 1-September 30- $66.00

October 1-May 26- $77.00

Class of 2023 Yearbook Ads

Class of ’23 Senior Yearbook Ads:

Yearbook ads are a great way to celebrate your Senior’s success and reflect on the person your student has become. Show your pride and support your school at the same time.

Visit "Yearbook Ads" to create your Senior recognition ad. Don’t wait; last day to order is May 1, 2023!

Wildcat Spirit Store

We are excited to unveil our new online Wildcat Spirit Store. All orders will be directly shipped to your home. 25 % off sitewide for the grand opening

Daily Schedule

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2022-2023 School Calendar

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Infinite Campus Information

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Please be sure to report all absences to our attendance office by 8:30 AM each day by contacting Mrs. Spiccia (grades 9-12) 440-995-6915, Denise Kluk (Excel TECC) 440-995-6765, or through the Infinite Campus app.

Counseling Department 2022-2023

Pam Bobinski - 9th Grade


Rachel McBride
- 10th Grade

Hannah Grazia - 11th Grade


Mia Bourdakos - 12th Grade


Joe Hayes - Excel TECC

Deanna Paglio - Social Worker

Chromebook Repair Process

Step by Step

Step 1: Student fills out the Student Repair Form. The student will fill out this form indicating what repair is needed, their address, email address, school, grade level, and serial number of their device. The form can be found at the top of our website under Students->Chromebook Repair Form

Step 2: Within 24-48 hours, student will receive a shipping label and box from AGI Repair. All devices will be shipped (free 1-day shipping via FedEx)

Step 3: Student will place their damaged chromebook in the provided box and apply label to the box.

Step 4: Student/parent takes the provided shipping box to their local Fed Ex location or Fed Ex drop box. Please visit the local FedEx store, 6272 Mayfield Rd, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124, for shipping assistance/questions.

Step 5: AGI Repair will repair and ship the device back to the student's home. (approximately 4-7 days)

Step 6: MFCSD will cover the student's first repair. Fees will be automatically added for any additional repair (beyond the initial district covered repair) and issued for parent/guardian payment through Infinite Campus Parent Portal.


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Job Opportunities

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Important Dates

February 20th - No School (Presidents Day)

February 21st - No School (Teacher PD Day)

February 22nd - 8th Grade Parent Night 6:30 PM (Auditorium)

February 25th - Winter Formal 6:30 PM

March 1st - SAT School Day (Juniors Only)

March 1st - Winter Chorale Concert 7:00 PM (Auditorium)

March 3rd - Senior Talent Show 7:00 PM (Auditorium)

March 13th - PTSO Meeting (Upper Gym Suite)

March 23rd - End of the 3rd Quarter

March 24th - No School (Teacher Work Day)

March 25th - April 2nd - Spring Break

April 6th - No School (Staff PD Day)

April 7th - No School

April 14th - Musical 7:00 PM (Auditorium)

April 15th - Musical 7:00 PM (Auditorium)

April 15th - ACT

April 16th - Musical 2:00 PM (Auditorium)

April 21st - Musical 7:00 PM (Auditorium)

April 22nd - Musical 7:00 PM (Auditorium)

April 23rd - Musical 2:00 PM (Auditorium)

April 25th - National Technical Honor Society 7:30 AM (Auditorium)

April 26th - Spring Honors Assembly 7:30 AM (Auditorium)

April 28th - Cap and Gown Pick Up (Principals' Conference Room)

April 28th - 9th Grade Spring Fling (Dance) 7:00 PM

About Us

We are Mayfield High School, home of the Wildcats. We serve approximately 1300 students in grades 9-12 from Mayfield Heights, Mayfield Village, Highland Heights, and Gates Mills.