Growing Strong Readers

Helping Children Develop Their Reading Process System

Now that I have thought more deeply about struggling readers, here is what I am going to do...

This past week has been truly inspiring by helping me develop a better understanding of what I can do to help all of my students grow into the successful, independent readers I know they are capable of becoming. Not only have I learned strategies to help my struggling readers, I believe I have gained so much insight into what needs to be accomplished to help ALL of my students. It is essential that every child develops and understands their Reading Process System. I am going to do everything possible to make sure I provide an environment where learning is maximized and all of these processes are made known to the children so they are very much aware and confident of the practices they are using to grow as readers and writers.

What Is a Reading Process System?

I have learned that a Reading Process System is not just a few strategies to help readers, but rather an integrated system that pulls from so many components that are in the reader's head. It is all of the things that work together that help us make meaning of the text we are exposed to. The chart in Catching Readers Before They Fall was so helpful to see all of these "parts" working together. Reading needs to be meaningful, functional and most of all enjoyable!

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In this story, a little bird finds his voice in the world. Our struggling students are just like him and with just a little nudge from us can fly out and SING and make his voice heard loud and clear!

SING! Lyrics and Music by Joe Raposo; Story in Pictures by Tom Lichtenheld
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