Become a Preschool Teacher

Alondra Rodriguez

Education and Pay Scale

You have to at the minimum have an Associates degree, at most preschools some take the exception of having a high school diploma .

The pay scales vary as follows for an associates degree or higher:

- Minimum $18095 - $27130

-(The most I've seen during my research) Maximum :$48860

- Hourly pay is usually in between the $8.60-$16.60 range.

Your education level will move you up in this field!

Why should you be interested?

I was interested in this field because these children that you teach right from wrong, look up to you. They see you as their role model and want to be just like you. You get to give them a head start to their education that other kids may not have. You over time create a bond with them and prepare them for upcoming events in their lifes.

Some of the main topics

Guareented to be an amazing expierence!

Frequently asked questions ?

Q: What will my child benefit from being in your class?

A: Your children learn to play and work with other students , also learn to count and sort colors as the standards say meanwhile having a little fun to keep them interested while learning.

Q:What is required to be a preschool teacher?

A: First you would have to go to college to get a degree for early childhood education (an associates degree or higher is recommended) then apply for a job at a preschool

Q: What is your favorite part of the job?

A: My favorite part of the job is knowing that you're going to possibly change someone's future other than just your life and knowing that those kids are going to look up to you.