China Culture

The Culture of China


The main language of china is mandarin. this is the longest living language on Earth. It has been around for 3,000 years at least. People know this because it has been written on turtle shells from the Shang Dynasty (1766 - 1123 b.c.) There are many different dialects, which change the spoken language a bit, but it is mostly the same in each household.


Everybody has at least heard of Chinese food. Things like eggrolls and fried rice. here's the origin to some things that may seem kind of regular. Sweet and sour pork originated in the Qing Dynasty. Many westerners came into China for the food. Their favorite being the sweet and sour chicken. The only part they didn't like was the bones. They took out the bones and the more well known "Orange Chicken" was born.


For a long while, mothers got their daughters to bind their feet in ribbon. this was to keep their feet small because that was supposed to be beautiful. this was a very painful process, breaking the girl's toes to be able to fit into the ribbon.


From cave drawings to the most modern statues, art has been a huge part of chinese history for a very long time. Most of it keeps the same theme of


Field Life is a tradition in which people live very closely to their neighbors. sometimes in the same house.

Cricket fighting

A big part of chinese culture is fighting crickets. they set them up in an octagon and make them fight. as crule as this may be, they have been doing it for a VERY long time.

Death penalty

The country of China executes people an average of 4 times as much as the rest of the world

Fortune cookies

The typical Chinese fortune cookie isn't so chinese. Americans were actually the creaters.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times have been forbidden in China since 2009


The largest mall in the world is in China. Before you start packing your bags to fly across the ocean, just know that it's 99% empty.