Speaker for the Dead

by Olson Scott

Speaker For the Dead review: by Colin Foley

Are you interested in interstellar travel to far off places where only a few hundred people in history have been ? If you have read the book Enders game you will love this book because it continues the story of Andrew Wiggins.

The book starts on a planet called Lusitania which has the only other know living of intelligent life other then humanity on it. They are not the first ones that we have found 3 thousand years before that a child name ender wiggins (Andrew wiggins, speacker for the dead) wipped out unknowingly and entire species of intelligent life.

The book begins with the life of Pipo and Libo his some who are xenologers who go and talk to the Piggies which is the other species of life. They are not allowed to tell them anything but bits and scraps of human life.

When Pipo is killed my the piggies some one calls for the speaker for the dead and it would take him more then 10 year to get there. The speaker that would come would be changing everything on Lusitania more then he and the people that called him there would ever know since this speaker was Andrew wiggin (ender wiggin) who is 3,000 years old but looks no more then 30 since he done so much interstellar travel with his sister valentine.

the book is very well written and expressed in my own option. during his peck he was a very well know writer and is still very well know by the community. i would recommend this book any one who loves thrilling Sci-fi type of book or movie. It is so well illustrated that i almost felt like it was a tangible place where i could go, or that the author had actually been the the planet before.

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