Arbonne GTC 2016


Countdown is ON!!!

With the countdown to GTC on I wanted to outline a few of the expectations so you can be prepared to be inspired, encouraged and moved to see your VISION become a REALITY!


Hotel Address and phone where MOST of the Thayer Region is staying!

Polo Towers Villas

3745 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109,

United States

Phone: 1.702.261.1000
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Registration and Other Things to Know

You'll want to register IMMEDIATELY when you get to Vegas. You will get a Name Tag and a whole bunch of goodies. When you register they will tell you which Consultant Training session you will need to attend that Thursday afternoon. It's called the EARLY BIRD Training. The sooner you register the more likely you are to get the earlier time slot.

  • A pen and notebook to take tons of notes!
  • 100 person name list
  • Cell phone with CHARGER (even a mobile charger as there aren't many plugs out and about)
  • Your Calendar
***You will want these things so you can make phone calls!
  • Camera if you want more than just what's on your phone
  • Sample packs, business cards, mini prospect packs because you WILL meet people at the airport, hotel, restaurants etc.. Be PREPARED! You may run into your next ACE!
  • Fizzys, Shaker Cup
  • Protein Powder/Ready to Drink Shakes and Shaker cup
  • Digestion Plus and Detox Tea in case you "over do it".
  • FLIP FLOPs to walk around in. We do a TON of walking

Download the 2016 APP (make sure you don’t accidentally download the GTC 2015 app) because this app will give you TONS of great info for GTC, including the agenda! Search “GTC 2016” in the App store.

Download the free MGM Grand app as it will give you tons of info about dining, shopping, nightlife etc that might be helpful while at MGM (even if you aren’t staying on the property)! Search “MGM Grand” in the app store.

The simplest thing to do is jump in a taxi cab. Now, with that being said, there will be a HUGE line with all the GTC attenders coming in all around the same time. The line to get a taxi could be VERY long. It's ok, be patient and just wait your turn. (BE ARBONNE CALIBUR AND DON’T LOSE YOUR COOL!)


Thursday Day - Consultant Training (Used to be called Early Bird)
Can be a little more casual because most of you will be coming straight from the airport that day. You may wear your Green T-Shirt that we ordered for that evening... and just wear it on the plane/to training. Limits how much you have to pack.

Thursday Night - Kick Off Ceremony & NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH
You'll want to wear the Green Arbonne T-Shirt this night. You can wear jeans or leggings with it. Whatever you choose! You MAY want a light jacket or sweater for all weekend as the arena is chilly!

Friday & Saturday Morning and Afternoon General Sessions
All the res of the training sessions I suggest you wear something nice but comfortable. We will be sitting the whole time in the arena seating. It can be chilly. Wear what you would wear to a Nation Meeting. Typically I say no jeans... but if they are nice - go for it!

NOTE: BRING FLIP FLOPS or COMFORTABLE FLATS to walk in. We do a TON of walking so if you want to wear cute shoes, fine, just make sure you bring your walking shoes. I bring flip flops so I can just throw them in my bag and put them on whenever I want.

Bring your swimming suit in case you have time to hang at the pool and catch some rays.

Grand Awards on Friday Night

When it says Cocktail, people usually just wear a nice dress. You will see a little bit of EVERYTHING... so just look nice. Don't go out and buy anything. Find that nice outfit in your closet and pack it! Again, it will be chilly so if you are wearing a tank dress or strapless dress... bring a sweater!

PURE VIBE "WHITE PARTY" New Managers Celebration Saturday NITE- INVITE ONLY
This is going to be a BLAST!!! New Area Managers and VPs will be rockin' it out by the MGM Grand Pool! Free Food and Drinks! Can't go wrong with that! Lots of Dancing and REMEMBER: WEAR WHITE! Watch the video below for more inspiration about amazing event!
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Arbonne: GTC 2015 Pure Vibe Celebration Highlights


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Friday, April 15th - 12noon-ish
(AS soon as we get out of training, head over to my room!!)
Lunch Provided by ME your RVP!! I will bring in sandwiches and salads from Whole Foods. We'll have bottle water/fizzys and and the fixins for a quick and easy lunch.

Friday, April 15th - 4-6pm-ish
If you live OUT OF THE STATE OF COLORADO this is for you!
If you are local to CO, please get with Lisa at another time.


Be PATIENT!! There WILL be lines! With the event being sold out this year... just be prepared. Let's show people how Arbonne Calibur people roll...

Saving seats can get crazy, especially with a sold out event this year. Please only save seats for your ROOMMATES! Send a couple people ahead (take turns for the different sessions) and save seats for 2-3 people. It's great to get there a little early so you get great seats!

Be positive when you talk to anyone and everyone.. your team, your upline, your sidelines! We want to be known as the team that everyone wants to be a part of. There is NO ROOM for anything negative during this event. Don't ruin someone elses time here with anything negative. We are going to have a POSITIVE, UPLIFTING and ENERGIZING TIME!!!!

Edify everyone!! This is the culture of Arbonne and we want to keep that intact!

Cheer LOUD! We will have some amazing recognition on stage. Let's show people how proud and supportive we are of our team!

Be READY to be MOVED! This experience is like nothing you have ever experienced before! Enjoy it, take it in, take tons of notes and come ready to GO HOME and BUILD IT BIG!

I WANT IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE NEW PRODUCTS!!!!!!

The GTC "I WANT IT ALL" package for the new products will be available for you to purchase at an amazing discount. This will only be for people ATTENDING GTC. You'll want to purchase at least one (or two, one to use, one for display). See information below for the pricing. This helps you plan ahead so you know what you can get while you are there! Remember, these are business tools and a tax write off... and you'll want them for your New Product Launch parties when you get home!
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