LV Technology

By: Zach Brown

Haiku Deck

  • We had to pick a career we wanted to do
  • You had to make slides about your career
  • Everyone had to present to the class

Typing Web

  • You have to complete the intermediate course
  • You have lots of courses you have to do
  • Everyone does it before class


  • The whole class makes an iTrailer about your choice
  • You had to collect pictures and put them in iMovie
  • Then you could present them to the class

Explain Everything

  • You had to pick a math problem
  • Copy and paste it into Explain Everything
  • Then you have to explain and solve the math problem

Career Locker

  • In career locker we figure out what we want to do when we grow up
  • We figure out what colleges we want to go to
  • Then we can find out what job openings are there


  • We had to program an angry bird to move to a spot
  • There were many different courses we had to complete
  • You had to complete a certain amount of courses for a grade