Greek Games.

Games played in the Ancient Greece.

History of Olympic Games.

Every four years men from all over Greece would compete in a athletic festival in the Western Greece, Elis. Women could not compete. They called this the Olympic Games because the place was called Olympia. They would honor Zeus and Hera, the Greek gods.
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When its Time For The Olympic Games.

The rulers of Elis sent messages across Greece and Greek colonies. They would declare a truce through out the Greek world for a month. If you had a war you had to stop and let the athletes and performers walk and get through city/state safely for the Olympic games.

Olympics Then vs Today.

The events they had then are same as the ones today: Running, Jumping, and throwing a disc. They also had chariot races, and horse races. Central Asian games were similar as they had wrestling and horse racing. Back then only men could complete, now we have women and kids competing.
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