Blend Learning w/ Rigor & Relevance

Moving your teaching from Quad A to beyond!

Mentor/Mentee Collaboration

  • Grab a snack
  • Sit with your mentor/mentee
  • Discuss the October Topics or any other questions or concerns

Reflection on Parent Teacher Conferences ( any questions/concerns)

Inservice Hours- must have 12

Interventions for failing students

Observing other teachers- has this taken place, what are some of the take-a-ways

Any other questions or concerns

  • Those that are not mentors- feel free to join a team and add to the discussion

Rigor and Relevance Review

  • With a partner, fill in the Rigor and Relevance Framework based on the knowledge you have

Check your answers

Big picture

Quadrant Manipulation

Create a rigor and relevance quadrant with your paper.

With your group, decide which Characteristic of Student Performance belongs in which quadrant.

After discussion, categorize the words, question stems, and technologies within the quadrants.

Be ready to view the other groups and finalize your categorizations.

Which quadrant do you LIVE in during your instruction?

Reflect on your own teaching methods and analyze where you live.

How do you make a move?

Think of a QUAD A piece of your instruction. How can you make it more rigorous and relevant?

With a partner, work through the Rigor and Relevance Quadrants PADLET BELOW to push student learning to Quad B, C, and D. Be ready to verbalize your ideas with at least one other group.

Types of Blended Leaning

Grab some blue and pink post it notes. Complete a gallery walk reviewing the different types of blended learning. Respond to what excites you about that particular type of blended learning and what concerns you have about it.

Pink- excites you

Blue- concerns you

What Is Blended Learning (Short)
Big picture
Blended Learning Moves

How can your Quad B, C, and D activities be blended?

Post Session Evaluation

We appreciate the feedback!

RSMS Instructional Coaches

Lori Scott, Academic Instructional Coach

April Smith, Instructional Technology Coach