News & Recognition

February 2014 - 31 Little Byrdies

Happy March!

Hello all! I have taken back over the Monthly team recognition! I LOVED the information that Robin provided, but the recognition for YOUR hard work was often burred deep within the newsletter and arrived WAY too late for me! Had Leadership Council not happened when it did - you would have gotten this even sooner - but I'm thrilled to have been able to represent YOU at LC 2014! We have LOTS in store for us that is BEYOND AWESOME!

I'd like to introduce Birdie to you! If you remember back the first part of February, I challenged you to name her and give her a persona! Congratulations Jeri Arrington for winning this little contest. The name Birdie is of Irish origin meaning strong! (LOVE THAT) and it ties directly to Proverbs 31 . . . though the weaker vessel yet she is made strong by wisdom and grace and the fear of God . . . Also Ezekiel 16:30 states She is strong and shows good principals, is firm and steady to them and will not be frightened with winds and clouds from any part of her duty for her security rests in the fear of God. I love how this ties to MANY of our Thirty-One journeys. The beginning of 2014 hasn't been the greatest, but I have seen more participation, encouragement, excitement and togetherness from this team than ever before. To say that we are not frightened by the winds is an understatement! Thank you Jeri for your ideas! Your happy mail will go out on Monday!


Total Sales - $38,565.00
Total Parties - 87 (the Home Office challenged us to 41 - YOU doubled it!)
Total Recruits - 5


Total Sales - $59,897.00
Total Parties - 136
Total Recruits - 9


Gen 0

Becky Burns (TX)


Nancy Miller (NC)

Kristin Connor (AL)

Merly McLean (NC)

Rebecca Moulder (NC)

Tanya Flynn (GA)

Nora Halsey (CA)

Renee Pyle (MD)

Keisha Pack (NC)

Newly Qualified Consultants


Christy Craner


Gen 0

Julie Burek (TX)


Amber Rawlings (CA)
Michelle Cekala (CT)
Mandy Vipperman (SC)
Julie Burek (TX)
Laura Bailey (MD)
Laurie Corbett (NC)
Dawn Abbott (PA)
Marlene Dixon (MD)
Tabitha Bishop (NC)

Top Consultant Personal Volume

Gen 0

Cyndie Holt $1337.00
Crystal Pack $1001.00
Anna Pierce $919.00
Lynnette Kropf $899.00
Karmen Garrettson $801.00
Mary Sanchon $405.00
Jessica Sportsman $336.00
Kathryn Carter $335.00
Sharon Czerwin $307.00
Yolanda Luna $254.00
Lisa Watts $229.00
Holly Menendez $215.00
Brianna Ramirez $214.00
Sonda Kinnaird $212.00
Leigh Osborne $200.00


Crystal Tuthill $1497

Cyndie Holt $1337

Shannon Williams $1108

Crystal Pack $1001

Jackie Thompson $992

Stephanie Henderson $982

Kelsey Hammett $974

Marlene Dixon $969

Angelina Domalik $927

Anna Pierce $919

Jennifer White $908

Lynette Kropf $899

Laurie Corbett $893

Lisa Butler $873

Karmen Garretson $801

Megan Whitted $785

Jeanna Acklin $760

Tracie Spivey $713

Nancy Campbell $661

Jo Wilbanks $658

Renee Pyle $654

Janell Croneis $646

Stephanie Moore $625

Gwen Chambers $622

Amanda Taylor $606

Michelle Cekala $600

Deborah Young $560

Teresa Fishnick $555

Samantha Hawn $550

Heather Johnson $547

Melissa Mendelson $521

Beth Hamen $519

Melissa Nedbalek $507

Kathleen Perkins $504

Look WHO'S Partying

Gen 0

Mary Sanchon - 2
Lynette Kropf - 2
Cyndie Holt - 2


Angelina Domalik - 2

Marlene Dixon - 2

Jeanna Acklin - 2

Crystal Tuthill - 2

Janell Croneis - 2

Kelsey Hammett - 2

Nancy Campbell - 2

Heather Johnson - 2

Gwen Chambers - 2

Shannon Williams - 2

Jo Wilbanks - 2

Cyndie Holt - 2

Lynette Kropf - 2

Mary Sanchon - 2

Lisa Butler - 2

Samantha Hawn - 2

Jackie Thompson - 2

Melissa Mendelson - 2

Stephanie Henderson - 2

Team Leadership Stats

Dream Builders - Directors

Mandy Vipperman
Tabitha Bishop
Nadine Gazzola

Personal Volume - Directors

Liz Estes $2510.00
Nadine Gazzola $1802.00
Amy Stein $1213.00
Amie Mascara $1066.00
Mandy Vipperman $1062.00
Angela Groce $824.00


YOUR leaders are Partying!

Nadine Gazzola - 4
Mandy Vipperman - 3
Liz Estes - 3
Angela Groce 2
Amie Mascara 2
Amy Stein 1

Team Sales

Team Stein $13430.00 (Amy Stein)
Michelle's Belles $9751.00 (Michelle McGarity)
Angela's Purse-onalities $6297.00 (Angela Groce)
Dean's Queens $5385.00 (Nadine Gazzola)
Stephanie's Leading Ladies $5162.00 (Stephanie Poludniak)
Liz's Leading Ladies $4821.00 (Liz Estes)
Bishop's Builders $4609.00 (Tabitha Bishop)
31 VIP Team $4283.00 (Mandy Vipperman)

and finally - Krista's Stats

Personal Volume $1767.00
Parties - 2
Recruits - 0

We are just at Mid March and it is shaping up to be a great month! The weather is finally cooperating and we are out there partying and our customers are LOVING the Flash Sale! Please remember that this sale could easily be like our Outlet Sales where things sell out quickly. Your calmness about that to your customers will keep them coming back for more!

While at Leadership Council I did get to see the Summer Premiere and YOU WANT TO BE AT AN APRIL C&C MEETING! Late registration is open now - it will be worth the $5 to attend! I promise! If you need help finding a meeting, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Also, National Conference Registration is open! This is Thirty-One's biggest party of the year and you don't want to miss is! So many of you have already earned stars that lower your registration fees! Don't let those rewards sit there! USE THEM and get to NC 14! I promise you won't regret it!

Happy March!