Nuclear energy causes deformation!

Why is nuclear energy bad?

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear energy is a big industry it's not only bad for our environment its also lots of money. The materials to make nuclear energy can be really dangerous if something were to go wrong for example, if the nuclear power plant were to explode it would be destroying everything in its path.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

Chernobyl was a power plant that had blown up in 1986. It wasn't just one thing causing this , there were several, it wasn't properly designed this reactor could only run with specific instructions the people operating the plant source didnt follow instructions so scientist went in and preformed a risky experiment causing it to explode destroying everything within thousands of miles.

Why It's Bad Economically, Environmentally, And Socially?

Environmentally, the radioactive material can be deadly, may cause health problems and cancer, Economically, high constructions costs due to complicated radiation contaminate system. Socially,