Reviews by Chris, Ryan, Owen, Matt, Kory, and Kyle

Chris DiGrazia's Review: The 5th Wave

In this book Cassie is trying to survive against an alien invasion, and she is surviving alone in the world. She starts traveling at dawn till midnight. Cassie travels then, because she knows when the drones leave their shifts and waiting for the next set of drones to come. Soon she reunites with the group she was with and her father is there. Her group starts to keep moving and finds her friend Sammy. They start to take a walk and Cassie gets spotted by a drone. They start running back to the group and then they all start running away. They soon get to safety and her father gives her a gun. After a couple days some man wants to take the gun. Doesn’t think it’s safe for a person to have a gun. Once her father talks to the guy he gives him the gun. But the dad gets suspicious. Soon her father brings the group to a camp site. They stay there for a while. Then the camp gets under attack and Cassie gets separated again. Cassie travels like she use to and she is walking and got shot in the leg and she hears a girls voice and said, “Sammy.” She is being taken back to a very secure camp called camp haven. She is annoyed of camp haven and doesn’t like it there, so she decides to leave camp haven and try to survive by herself. This book is very cool and has action and suspense. This book is about survival of the worlds. Cassie is a survivor and a tough girl. She is a girl who takes risks if she has to. I would give this book a 4 star for its intensity and style.This book is very cool and has action and suspense. This book is about survival of the worlds. Cassie is a survivor and a tough girl. She is a girl who takes risks if she has to. I would give this book a 4 star for its intensity and style.

Kyle Noseworthy's Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is such a great book all around! I read the book when I was in 6th grade and loved it so much I wanted to read it again! The book would be great for kids in elementary, around 5th or 6th grade. This book has later books but I think this book should beat them all for one huge reason, all of the action. This is an action packed book that is unlike all the others because they are forced to fight and are chosen, this book shows some big heart for friends and family. The people in all the districts don’t just live near each other; they are more like one giant family. If I had to give this book a star rating I would give it 4 and 3 quarters because it’s an amazing book but I would change some things that happened in the book, like not have anything personal with peeta and katniss. If they didn’t waste any time with that they would have had so much more time for fighting and that’s what I would have wanted. I would have wanted gale to go to the games instead of peeta because kitniss enjoyed gale much more than peeta.

The plot in this book was when they had a final and the hardest fight with the strongest person there. While they were fighting the strongest guy there there were dog like animals that were snatching their feet. It was the most action packed time over the whole book because it was not clear who was going to win the games at the time.

Next are the characters, in this book the main characters are katniss, gale, primrose, peeta, gales siblings, katnisses mom and dad, and games tributes. The characters in the book are daring and brave for many reasons though out the book. All they characters do have a nice, kind soft spot and they care for the people around them.

I love this book and I felt like I was in the book. When someone died I felt the knot in the bottom of my stomach wishing for them to come back to life. When they pulled the names, I felt like I was there praying for my name to be left in there and never chosen! Over all I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!

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Kory King's Review: The Scorch Trials

By Kory King

The gladers thought they were safe when they escaped the maze and got taken to a building, but they were far from safe. When they woke up they realize that there are crazy people infected with the flare outside trying to break in and get them. The flare virus turns whoever has it crazy and will turn into a crank. When they notice this they go out to the common room but find a big surprise, everyone that saved them from WICKED is hung on the ceiling and Teresa is gone. In her room is a boy named Aris he was also in the maze with another group and got dropped in one day after a new person. The only twist is that he is a boy and everyone in his group are girls. He has the ability to speak to Thomas in his head like Teresa except Teresa is now out of their heads. When everyone goes back to the common room a man is out there and he tells them that they all have the flare and have to go through a quarantined area where all the cranks are held to get a cure and live. They end up going and run into a city of cranks where they make some friends and head to the safe house. However there is always a problem. Group B, the group of girls, also has to get there but they are given weapons and Teresa with instructions to kill Thomas. They capture Thomas and Teresa takes him to a spot where he is to left for dead in a locked room. When they get there Aris shows himself and Thomas finds out that they are in love and Teresa never liked Thomas, she was just doing what WICKED said to do. After a long nap in the room Teresa and Aris come to get him and she admits that she and Aris were able to talk in the maze and that she really loves Thomas and she just had to do what Wicked said. Everybody makes it to the safe haven, but will everything worked as planned? In all I think that this book was great. I would recommend this book to 7th graders because it is about our level of reading. The story line was very intriguing and it is definitely a page turner. I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Ryan Williams Review: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Game

By Ryan Williams

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is an excellent book. The book is about twelve districts have to pick a girl and boy from their district to fight. The story is in the eyes of a girl in district twelve. She volunteers to play in the games because her sister got picked and she took her spot. Catnis is very talented for being in district twelve but she is up against some really strong, fast, talent and smart players and it wan’t be easy to win the games. Catnis has been helping get food on the table with her it will be hard for the mom around the house. Winning the games will get them food to eat. When Catnis is sent off to training the judges are impressed on how she did in training and is scared the highest eleven out of twelve. As the games are about to begin Catnis is getting scarred will she win the games and go back to her district or will be too hard and she will not survive. This was probably my favorite book I have ever read because it’s never really a boring part and it makes you want to keep on turning the pages. If you like books about fighting and lots of suspense this would be the perfect book for you. I liked the book so much I gave it a five out of five stars. There are two other books in the series I would recommend reading them because I heard they were good.

Owen Shields Review: The Giver

JONAS IS A MALE 11 WAITING FOR HIS BIG ASSINMENT TO DO FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. He is living in a utopian society that chooses everything for everyone’s lives. They have no feelings and cannot see color or hear music. That is about to change when Jonas is skipped in the ceremony of 12. He finds out that he is selected to be the Reviver of Memory. Jonas is told he will go through excoriating amounts of pain. He is worried that he has to receive this amount of pain. The Giver gives him memories that are about color and loving then he soon finds out that he can see color and feel feelings. He finds out what love feels like and how it is shown. He feels lonely because he can’t tell anyone what his training is like because it is confidential. He tries to get his friends and family to see color and have feelings that he is getting from the memories but they are confused about how he can see color. They don`t understand him. He is mad that they can`t have feelings. He has a plan to make everyone have memories and feelings. Then he makes a plan to escape the community and go to elsewhere will he make it there?

Review: This story is the best story I personally think. The ending is so good because it leaves you thinking what could have happened. It is the best ``cliff-hanger`` I think ever. I highly recommend this book. This book is a 10/10.

Matt Hier's Review: Powerless

One day, my cousin decided gave me a book he wanted me to read. The book was titled Powerless, and at the time it didn’t seem too good. A long time afterwards, for my reading log, I decided to give the book a try. And I don’t regret it. Powerless by Matthew Cody is a wonderful book. It is filled with action, suspense, and, best of all, superheroes.


Our story begins with 12-year-old Daniel Corrigan, moving into Noble’s Green, his new neighborhood, to live with his Gram. He isn’t really excited about this, but he eventually does make new friends. But, Daniel starts noticing strange things about them. It’s only later that the truth is revealed: his friends have superpowers. Some can fly, another can phase through things, yet another can control electric currents! This heroic gang of superkids, or the Supers, as they call themselves, have dedicated their lives to protecting their town and everyone in it.

But as amazing as all this is, there is a price. When each child turns thirteen, they somehow lose their powers, as well as their memories of ever having them. To the Supers, this all seems natural. But Daniel isn’t so sure about it. Could someone be stealing their powers? It’s up to Daniel to solve this mystery and save the children of Noble’s Green.


Daniel: Daniel Corrigan is the main protagonist of Powerless. He is a 12 year old boy who loves solving mysteries. He is a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes, and has read almost all of his books. He is very good friend with the Supers, despite not having powers as they do.

Mollie: Mollie Lee is a Super, and friends with Daniel. Her ability is the power to fly. She considers herself a tough girl, and is never unwilling to beat someone up if they lay a finger on her. She has a tendency to take action whenever necessary.

Rohan: Rohan is also a Super, and is friends with Mollie and Daniel. His power is enhanced senses, like sight and smell. Rohan is a bit of a nerdy kid, and is often teased about it by the school bully, Clay Cudgins. He is also a Buddhist.

Eric: Eric is a Super as well, and is friends with Mollie, Rohan, and Daniel. Eric actually has two powers: flight, and super strength. Eric is presumably the leader of the Supers, and he acts like it to. Heroic, brave, kind, if Daniel weren’t in the book, he could be the hero instead!


Overall, Powerless was an amazing book! The fact that these kids have superpowers and try to hide them are very respectable. However, there is one part I don’t approve on, but it gets resolved. I recommend this book to any kid who loves superhero novels. This book was awesome, and I love it. The next time I see my cousin, I’m going to give him a super hug!