Who Triggered MacBeth's outrage?

Who made MacBeth do it?

Who made MacBeth do it? We believe these 3 witches caused MacBeth´s outrage. At first MacBeth was just a normal man and then later on he became this vicious human being who was determined to become king even if it meant killing the current kin

"Thou shalt get kings, though thou be none:

So all hail, Macbeth and Banquo!" (act 1 scence 2).
This is saying that the witches only like MacBeth and Banquo, and that one of them shall become king. And do whatever it takes. The witches gives encouragement that he will not fall or mess up. Next, "My hands are of your color..."(act 2 scene 2). Now the witches are trying to say that you can do this and you got it, just as long as you keep your mind on the prize. And last but not least, "Pour in the blood of a sow who has eaten her nine offspring. Take the sweat of a murderer on the gallows and throw it into the flame"(act 4 scene 1). Now on this last one they're saying that MacBeth needs to take the victim and make him disappear as if the King has vanished.

In conclusion the 3 withes and patricianly his wife is who made him go insane and on his rampage.