by Kevin Hile

my opinion on GHOST SHIPS

I like this book a lot you may be surprised by what it says well... it talks about titanic a little all you titanic lovers it also shows cool pictures of ghost, ghost ships, 1 or 2 ghost animals and I just love this book it’s a little scary too. -----> It talks about a nineteenth-century ship captain facing certain death at sea glimpse he sees a ghostly figure guiding his ship to safety. Was it a pirate ghost, as the captain later claimed or hallucination brought on by extreme stress and dehydration? Eyewitness accounts of paranormal encounters like this one will entice and enthrall young readers. If you want to find out more you HAVE to read this book it’s great. If you don't like scary stuff well you can still read this book it’s not too SCARY its good for young or old readers. Go to your public library or you can go to your school library and check out this amazing book. I LOVE this book!!!!!

Hi I am Elyssa

This is a great website!!!! I am a sixth grader I have one brother and no sisters I love animals.