Hawksbill Seaturtle

By: Jackson Lynch

About the Hawksbill Turtle

  • Scientific Name: Eretmochelys imbricata
  • Where they are found: They are found in the Coastal Plain region of North Carolina specifically on the coast near the Outer Banks region.
  • Why they are endangered: The reason the Hawksbill is so close to extinction is because of people who harvest there eggs to keep. Companies also collect the eggs because they are used in some products to make hair grow back.
  • What is being done to protect them: Some things being done to help save the Hawksbill are, they have been placed on the endangered species list, the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species have banned trade on any Hawksbill products such as its shell, and you can also help by donating to organizations that are dedicated to helping save not just the Hawksbill but also all other species of seaturtles such as world wild life's "Save the Seaturtle Campaign"
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