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Privacy Policy

  • What information do you collect?
    We collect anonymous usage data, as well as your recent game move and chat history.
  • Why do you collect usage data?
    We collect usage data in order to better understand the game experience we are providing our players, and focus future improvements of the game where they will be most beneficial.
    This data is stored in our DB in unnamed numeric ID entities, and we do not store any personal identification such as names or email addresses.
  • Why do you collect my game move and chat history?
    In order to display your activity to the friends with whom you are playing and chatting when they come online, we need to store the game and chat history until all game participants have received them. We only store recent history, and the data is mapped to your account using a numeric ID so we do not store personal identification such as names or email addresses along with this data.
  • Who can see my personal communication?
    No one outside our R&D personnel has any access to your personal communication, and data accessible for debugging purposes does not contain personal identification such as names or email addresses.
  • What data do you pass to third parties?
    Currently we do not pass any data to anyone outside our company. In the future, we may pass details supplied and approved by Facebook to advertisers in order to improve the relevance of ads you see in the game. At such time, if you have an objection to this information being supplied to advertisers, you may opt out of this service (see next question).
    We also reserve the right to disclose any data that we may be required by law or by court order to disclose, while preserving your right to privacy to the extent of our legal ability.
  • I have an objection or request regarding your privacy policy
    By all means. Please let us know by emailing Please include a link to your Facebook profile so we may be able to accommodate your request.
  • Will this policy change in the future?
    We may choose to change our privacy policy in the future based on user feedback or new business requirements. Any changes to the policy will be updated on this page. Please email us at if you wish to be notified of changes to the policy.